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Oh Pluuuuzeee!, 22 February 2010

Talk about a film with an agenda! The host's only real talent was trying to confront those he interviewed with his homosexuality.

Every time someone tried to answers his questions with answers that he disagreed with he made fun of them. This film proves nothings and makes Gay People without an agenda cringe at the strident nonsense being presented as scientific research. If he was trying to prove that straight people discriminate against Gay people,,,well Duh, as if we did not already know that. He was pointless at proving anything as far as the sexual nature of animals as the Cambridge Professor tried to point out to him, but our host was not there for answers, but only to harangue the interviewee, no yonder so few people agreed to speak to him.

As a gay man I have to say the host makes me wish I was straight!

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The Best, 24 August 2008

Be prepared to laugh, and laugh, and laugh etc...............

Every aspect of this movie was funny, from the fake previews to the closing credits it was a comic masterpiece. Not one of the actors was off the mark and every gag was amusing if not belly laugh provoking! Stiller really hit a home run with his script and every aspect of the acting was excellent! I am not a huge fan of Jack Black and up until now have considered him a very one dimensional actor, but in this film he showed a range of comedic ability which impressed the crap out of me.

This is without question the BEST comedy I have seen in a very long time! Way to go guys!

Monster (2008) (V)
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Film Making's Nadir, 24 August 2008

Giving "Monster" a one star "awful" rating is wayyyyy too high. Without question this is the worst film I have ever seen. The tone was set with the first 5 minutes when the office of the Japanese Minister was smaller than my closet and the exact same sound effect was used 4 times outside the Ministry of the Interior Building.

The camera work was MUCH worse than Cloverfield and Blair Witch, mostly because even when stationery the objects on the screen were a conglomeration of the floor, the speakers legs, her breasts and mindless panning of the walls.

The plot was utter aimless with dialog to match - the inane banter was devoid of emotion and at the "scariest" moments the two wooden actresses sounded like Ben Stein lecturing on the economy! There wandering around the destroyed city was pointless to the story and lines like "it looks like it's going to be a beautiful morning" while overlooking the fake destruction made one want to throw a shoe at the TV screen.

The best way to describe this "movie" is Pointless waste of film! Another "Cloverfield" did not need to be made and this was a poor attempt at it anyway!


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Is this for real?, 24 May 2008

I knew something was up when all the coming attractions on the DVD were "message" or "issue" movies - this was one long and utterly unfunny sermon on loneliness and tolerance. The truth of the matter is that it was a long and tiresome exercise in political correctness. The character Gus had it right at the very beginning, Lars should have been committed and been given genuine psychological assistance.

I laughed at the towns people and their buying in on the gist of Lars' problem to the point that they were becoming more insane than Lars. My laughter was not from unbridled amusement, but a sad pitiful laughter. Some would ohh and ahh over the "kindness" of the characters for a poor lonely man, but one has to wonder why people would support someone who was NOT getting badly needed mental health help.

All in all a very sad and unfunny film with decent acting, but all adding up to a wasted 90 or so minutes. This year's latest crop of movies is either just plain bad or preachy moralistic drivel like this one. I have come to the conclusion that a plain bad movies at least entertains whereas this sort of "stuff" (I'd rather use a more vulgar word here) drones on wasting minutes and hours of one's life. Thank goodness that the entire film took just 31 days to complete, at least the actors did not waste too much of their lives on this nonsense!

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Great film, Screechy political propaganda, 18 May 2008

I enjoyed this film despite the fact that it was, from start to finish, a political rant about equality, ecology and xenophobia. I was quite surprised at the lack of Michale Moore's name on it. From scene one the use of terms like "Homeland Security" are aimed directly at the current US position in the Middle East, as are the scenes of "prison camps" and brutality against journalist etc. And, of course, there is the Green rant about the environment and it's supposed connection to worldwide infertility. The story was enjoyable as long as I divorced the obvious politically correct message from an otherwise rather good piece of Science Fiction entertainment.

I guess lots of people like to feed their egos at the cinema and I am sure this one was a self congratulatory pat on the back for all the extremist out there. Well, they can knock themselves out while at least some of us just enjoy the show!

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Wow!!!, 18 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film far exceeded my expectations and the descriptions written by critics. One of the oddest things said about it was that it was one of the Scariest films made in years - there was nothing overtly frightening about it. There was however a sad and eerie mood from start to finish and was so engrossing that I forgot that I was reading subtitles! The mood was haunting and evoked great emotion. If I find any flaw in it at all I have to say it was the ending, so incredibility similar to Pan's Labyrinth that I felt somewhat disappointed at the ambiguity of the conclusion. Both films leave one with the jarring question of whether or not the obvious end was real or imagined on the part of the characters. I am sure the intention was to blur the line between reality and fantasy, but that sort of ending leaves me wondering - not a state of mind I expect to have after investing my time and emotions in a story.

Fake ID (2003)
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Gay Deceivers, 18 May 2008

Wow, just when you think you have seen the worst movie ever made you find one like Fake ID!!! This movies gives new meaning to the word "Bad" - The acting was awful, the story even worst and the singing enough to make you reach for the earplugs. The whole concept was inane and was more than likely a project by a local Kentucky theatre group. The stereotypes were insulting and while probably not intended to be homophobic sure come across that way. The Gay characters are flitty and shallow, but then again every character is in this film! Even as a spoof which it obviously is, it is BAD!!! Don't waste one second of your life watching this BOMB!

100 Million BC (2008) (V)
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Dinosaur Droppings, 18 May 2008

Geez!!!!!!!! What a stinker. I have read some of the other comments and agree that the special effects are bad, the audio is bad and the script is bad, but the absolute worst part of this movie is the acting!!! While the "stars" are washed out has beens one would think that they had some innate acting abilities left over from their glory days. Gross and Atkins had good moments in past movies and TV shows, but here they are as plastic as GI Joe figures! I can pretty much forgive the unknowns who played the Navy Seals, but they were pretty darned awful even for newcomers! The Lieutenant sounded like a 5th grader playing soldier! The special effects dinosaur was pitiful and seemed to have one movement which was repeated over and over again.

All in all this film was a disaster!!!

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Finally the TRUTH, 18 February 2006

I was hesitant to watch this movie when it played on Cable recently, but I am glad I decided to take a look. The role of the USSR in saving Europe has always been denied by the utter arrogance of US and British hubris, but here is the truth at last.

The heroic efforts of the Soviet Union are exposed to the viewer and all the later years of propaganda from the likes of Joe McCarthy are shown as the lies they are - You can thank Stalin that you are not speaking German today and this excellent movie shows you why!

It is a bit long, but it is well worth the time spent in watching it. Be prepared to change your mind about all the crap you learned in school...and remember this movie was made by Warner Brothers, NOT the Kremlin!

Oh the rantings of the neo-Nazi set after I posted the above!!!! The fall of the "evil" Soviet Empire has given rise to the Isalmic threat, I guess maybe all of you fascists were wrong about the USSR liberation of Afghanistan - YOU people put in the very regime that gave rise to terrorism - thanks ever so much, don't think you will be remembered in the history books when the West submits to Islam!

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One of the Best Movies Ever, 4 February 2006

There is not a single aspect of Brokeback Mountain that does not rate an excellent grade. The cinematography is superb, the music haunting and moving, the story is a classic to be ranked among the great short stories of World Literature and the acting so credible that one gets lost in the story and is transported from the cinema into the film itself. I left the cinema feeling as if I have LIVED the film rather than simply watching it. Critics have said that it started slowly, but then picked up the pace, however, I find that its true to life feel needed that sequence, no human story begins, progresses and ends at the same pace. If BBM does not win the Oscar for Best Picture and Ang Lee for Best Director I will lose faith in the judgment of the Academy.

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