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I thought that was Nick!, 19 October 2016

Another great episode of Emergency! with some really great guest stars. Well some of them weren't even stars ... did you catch Nick Nolte! Yep and he looks so young in this episode. I love it when you see current stars in early roles.

I really enjoyed the rest of the episode as well. The guy on the high tension wire was sort of funny. Not the accident, but when Roy comes up and starts to ask the other guy about whether the electric lines were turned off. Roy barely got out two words and the other guy was like, yes, yes, just look at my guy up there. I know it shouldn't be funny, but it was to me.

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Sardonic short is quietly funny, 11 November 2006

If subtle tongue-in-cheek amuses you, you will enjoy this short. John Mayer uses his dry humor wonderfully. Check it out. JCM uses an interview format to promote his musical release - Heavier Things. Paul Reddy makes the perfect foil for this funny promotional short. The CD is great and the bonus DVD (found on the flip side of some releases of the CD) is a quirky addition. Actually, use of the DVD/CD combo on musical releases should be used more. In this short, John Mayer brings his views about his music to light. He also uses this forum to give some insight to his views on life also. I enjoyed the short, interesting, and funny little view of John Mayer, his life, and his music.

Manic (2001)
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Interesting film with the raw edges of reality exposed, 25 March 2006

This movie is shot like a documentary, which adds to the raw edges of this film. If you are looking a feel good movie with all the answers, this film is not for you. If you are looking for a tiny glimpse of what it is like to have a mental illness and how difficult it is for professionals to help those, then sit back and watch. I was drawn into the characters, both the staff and the patience. The film ensured we never forgot that Psychologists and therapists are human as are the people with the illnesses. Although this film centered on teenagers with problems, the situations can apply to any age range. This is a must see film for any one interested in mental illness issues or those involved with dealing with mental illness. It is a shame this film did not get the positive press it deserves.