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Genius, 27 May 2006

This film is great! i think that this is better than almost every comedy iv seen possibly even better than the classic American pie!....OK to far there but its in my top 3 of the comedy films for sure! When i saw this first i laughed so much and i can watch it time and time again and still laugh that much at exactly the same thing the idea is quite weird but the characters are great they all are completely different than one another and each bring that little bit of brilliance to the film defiantly i think that EVERYONE in the world should have this in their collection. No matter what type of comedy you like you will like this, its got randomness, some clever bits, and some just ridiculously stupid parts. i think that if you are looking for a good laugh, that you can have over and over and over again you should rush out RIGHT NOW and buy this film. After watching it and putting it back on the shelf along side all your other DVDs it starts calling to you wanting to be watched over and over again and in the end you will start to wonder how you actually got along without this film in your life! seriously if you haven already closed this window do it NOW and go buy this film!

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hmmm so so, 27 May 2006

I'm sorry but i did laugh at this film quite a bit but everyone hyped it up so much saying things like "its the funnies films ever", "its the best film ever", NO, OK JUST NO! It is funny ill give ya that but it is possibly the most over rated film i have seen dare i say EVER?!?! Its alright but compared to some other great comedy films such as wedding crashers it just doesn't do it for me, in my opinion you should spend the money you would be spending on this film and buy a better film like the wedding crashers or maybe not even on another film, save it that could be an extra £10 spent on holiday getting wrecked. Some of the random jokes that they throw in are brilliant and serve no real purpose at all but they do make you think "what the hell" and you do end up laughing quite a lot not in the HAHAHA that was such a good joke there more of a HAHAHA that is so random i just would never have thought that was gonna happen, but now i have seen it my life is that much better lol. Well i don't know this film just didn't sell it to me really some jokes where good and it made me laugh a few times BUT there is something there that just makes me not like this film as much as i possibly could, if you like Will Ferrell Films i suppose this should be in your collection.

The Hole (2001)
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pfft personally disappointed, 27 May 2006

well OK, not the worst film iv seen in my life i have to say... i had been looking fore-ward to seeing this movie since it came out, the advert made it look awesome, well scary and just really really good, BUT nah the adverts lie, the start was rather good... after that i thought it was going to fulfil my expectations but i found myself sitting there looking at how long it had been on thinking to myself "there's still an hour it could become scary or something cool could happen"..."there's 30 min left surely something scary now"... but nope nothing, storyline wasn't to bad i have to say, and i did like the ending! didn't expect it to end like that and i suppose that if you aren't one for the jumping out of your seat and cacking your pants sort of horror then this film is definitely for you, quite a disturbing film in a way but i just didn't find it scary. I think that it is worth renting but don't make the same mistake that i did and go out and buy the film.