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Conviction, It's worth a watch, 4 March 2006

Conviction is a spin off of the Law and Order series. I am a personal favorite of Law and Order, and Law and Order:SVU, I've seen Criminal Intent and it is good, but I prefer the other two. When I saw this show advertised I thought I'd give it a try to see how I would like it.

As I watched it, I have to say, it was a little slow to start, but I did enjoy it. I love that Stephanie March returned and has reprized her role as Alexandra Cabbot from SVU. She was a great ADA on SVU and now she carries that over to Conviction. There are a lot of up and comer actors/actresses and I really think that if NBC gives it a shot, it will be a great show.

There are some stories lines that develop romantic relationships which looks like the difference between the other shows in the Law and Order series. They don't seem to focus on the personal lives of the detectives, the ADA's, the district attorney's, etc. This show doesn't point the spotlight on it, but it does get a little spark, enough to make me want to watch what happens next week.

And it's not just the office romance. The actors in this show really step up with hard shoes to fill. They all seem to have their own personal views on how the law is seen, understood and most of all, how it should be practiced. They step up to help each other and to help the victims they defend in court and most of all, to put away the people who created victims.

This was a good show to watch and with time it will get even better as the stories lines can only get more interesting. If you like any of the Law and Order series shows, you should absolutely check out conviction. I cannot wait to see this show develop. And I've only seen it 1 time.....

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Wedding Crashers - Great movie...not just a guy's movie, 25 February 2006

I was extremely surprised by this movie. When I saw the 40 year old virgin I thought that was just a huge guys movie and I had the same assumption of this movie....until I watched it.

I laughed so hard at so many different points in this movie. The acting was great! I mean, how many times can Christopher Walken pull it off? He was superb! Probably the only sane member of that family The movie is about 2 buddies who like to crash weddings to meet girls, until one particular wedding that is crashed and both their worlds get a little weird when invited to stay with the bride's family for a weekend after the wedding.

The gay brother, horny sister, psychotic boyfriend, drunk mother, hallucinating grandmother....where do they come up with this? It almost made me happy to think that my family is nothing like theirs.

The movie was great, for women you get this really great inside look at just how desperate a guy is to sleep with you and for guys, well it's getting tips from Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson on how to get women to sleep with you. Overall, it's a movie both genders will enjoy.

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Re: 7th Heaven, 8 February 2006

I have been an on again off again fan of 7th Heaven. It is based on 1 family and trials and tribulations that surround them every day. Somedays it's something that we may take for granted such as name calling, others it's something larger such as a death in the family or the death of a friend.

Although people say this is a show that seems unrealistic, it should be reminded that it is a television show. It is made for entertainment purposes and on that level, every time I turn the show on, I don't change the channel. Whether I haven't watched it in 2 days or 2 months, I can turn it on and it will hold my attention for the entire hour.

If you've never seen the show, you should check it out. This is the last year it will be on, a 10 year run. The longest every in a family series ever ran. Great show, wish it didn't have to go off the air.