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What an Anti-Mexican movie..and what a waste of time, 23 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movies was so bad, so bored, so of the same.. and so Anti Mexican. Movies like this shouldn't exist.

In resume, the movie says that Mexican food is Sh1-t, Mexican womens get pregnant fast and easily, that Mexican are a bunch of killers and bum.. Jeez.

I'm not Mexican but i'm Latin, and i feel so bad and so p1ssed off with this movie. What Brad Kaaya and Craig Moss think they are ? Beside that.. the movie was so boring, so of the same. Same jokes and same script of the others parody film.

If i can disappear something in my life... without question i choice this movie. What a piece of garbag3!

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A Very Good Movie with a Lot Baseball Feeling, 8 June 2008

This is a Great Baseball Movie, and all peoples who have the sport of Baseball in their blood will love this film.

Passion, friendship, loyalty, family , all we have in this movie, but specially, a good feeling about baseball, the favorite pass time of all us.

I'm from Dominican Republic, where we live the baseball, and we are proud to have ball players like Albert Pujols, Pedro Martinez, Alex Rodriguez, Vladimir Guerrero, Sammy Sosa and others in the MLB, and like i said, we live the feeling and the passion of baseball.. Baseball it's so important to us, and with this movie, we can know the importance of something like that in a town and in our Life.

Baseball for much of us , the baseball fans, it's not only a sport, it's more than that, it's passion, it's feeling, It's Proud...

The movie have a very good acting and good script..


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What a Garbage, 5 June 2008

Is This Movie a Joke? Oh wait!, it's not even a movie, it's Like something to relax you so you can sleep in the night or something like that.

Oh but the movie is so nice with pure action(Sarcasm), hey i saw the movie waiting for violence and something like that and what i saw it's a couple of retard sitting their butt on a couch.

But The Movie was so nice, really, i like so much that i gonna see it again right now...

I only sad because i wasted 2 Hours of my beautiful life in this garbage..

Really Really, I can't believe this movie was ever made, i don't know what peoples are thinking.. If you wanna hate a movie, this is the one.

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Is this Movie a Joke?, 5 June 2008

Come On!!, you have to be kidding me? This Movie is so bad and so boring, when i saw about this movie i thought this could be a good and nice movie of skateboards, i thought i would see pure action but what i saw is a something i can't really explain.

The during of the movie it's about 80 minutes, and of that 80 minutes, like 70 is a slow motion looking the guy walking, or thinking or whatever, it's Like the producer do not know how to made a movie and said ''Let's do this, we put slow motion and a couple of minutes seeing the guy walking, thinking, sleeping, etc etc'' My God in My life i saw a movie so awful and bad like this, a waste of time and the movie even have a horrible ending... and most of movie we see the ''skate boy'' sit in his skate and do not using it.. it's Unbelievable Really, for me this my ''Worst Movie Ever''...

Class Act (1992)
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Excellent!!, 10 June 2007

A Very Funny Movie!..with an excellent soundtrack, and remind me the good times with Kid N Play!...

This Movie should have better rank, i recommended this movie to see with all the family and have about 1 hour and a half of fun...

If you want a trip down memory lane to the flamboyant culture of the early 90's, and a reminder of how it was at school during those terrible teens, then this comedy with Kid n Play and a few other familiar faces ('Doug. E Doug' who went on to do Cool Runnings) ('Karyn Parsons' - Hilary in Fresh Prince Of Bell Air) (Pauly Shore who plays the unforgettable role of the hippy) this film is a good watch.

Excellent Movie!...