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The Pimp (1966)
Wow.., 3 October 2016

Heavily influenced by the French New Wave in style, this is a sordid outing concerning a young ladies man, who is working as a pimp for a corrupt older woman, bringing her girls to use in her private sex shows. Incredibly stylish black and white photography elevate this film to art house status. Featuring an amazing late 60's jazz soundtrack, this strange film sometimes resembles early Godard, and it's dark, moody style at times brings to mind "Night of the Living Dead." Highly recommended for film buffs, and also for fans of late 60's 'Beat Jazz.' I was only able to find "The Bite" in an English dub, but even in this form, the movie retains it's haunting, hypnotic aura.

Stylish horror comedy, 30 September 2016

Loved it when I was a kid, not so much now. I find "The Lost Boys" hasn't aged so well, and what looked 'super-cool' once looks a bit cheesy today. The problem is it's trying to be two different kinds of films; a Gothic, somewhat erotic vampire tale, as well as a silly comedy geared for younger viewers. I think the comedy kills what could have been a classic horror movie. And even as a young teen I found the "Frog bothers" to be tiresome and dumb, and something to be endured until the vampire gang was on screen again. The movie does have it's merits however, including some great atmosphere and sets, such as the sunken hotel/vampire lair. Jason Patric is the very definition of cool, and what every boy aspired to be in the 1980's. Jamie Gertz was beautiful and mysterious as 'Starr' and Kiefer Sutherland has created one of the most sinister and unforgettable vampire villains in 'David.' I always wished director Joel Schumacher had just stayed with this darker tone throughout the film. But the jarring comedy makes for an uneven and unsatisfying viewing experience. Certain horror films that I loved as a child I still love now; films like "Cat People" (1982) and "The Hunger" have fared much better over time, but I suppose those films were geared towards an adult audience anyway. "The Lost Boys" is still worth a look..

Atmospheric oddity, 22 September 2016

There were apparently a lot of films from around this time, that were heavily influenced by the movie "Story of O," and "Autumn Born" is definitely one of them. A young and beautiful heiress is kidnapped, and taken to a strange "school of discipline," in an effort to torture her into relinquishing her inheritance, which includes control over a family empire, to her corrupt uncle. Dorothy Stratten is so stunningly beautiful that it is sometimes difficult to notice anything else. But "Autumn Born" is actually a bizarre, and atmospheric film, filled with some beautiful and surreal imagery. As someone else mentioned, this is a textbook study on the art of brainwashing, which some will consider very unpleasant subject matter. The heiress, Tara is subject to random whippings, and other sexual humiliation, as well as some real psychological torture. At one point she is raped by her captors, who she later wins over to her side, with her charm and innocence. When she starts to become unhinged, Stratten actually shows some competent acting skills; she is so much better in this film than I thought she would be. She had definite screen presence, and would surely have gone on to make more films, had her life not have been ended so soon. She had that same ethereal and innocent quality as Marilyn Monroe had on camera. "Autumn Born" is surely an odd film, as well as a fascinating late 70's time capsule, made even more interesting by the story around the film and the actress. It is a must-see for fans of cult cinema and erotic films from that period. It was also nice to see that there is actually very little nudity and sex on camera, which means that Miss Stratten wasn't really 'exploited' in the making of it. It is also interesting to note that "Autumn Born" is rated as a better film here, than the more well-known "Galaxina." Recommended, if you can actually find a copy..

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70's Potboiler, 1 February 2016

Helmut Berger, leisure suits, Jamaica, the 70' know what you are in for. "Order To Kill" delivers all the style, the great music and atmosphere that we expect from this genre. Helmut is down in the tropics, an assassin targeted by other assassins. He's got a gorgeous, but emotionally messed up girl, who happens to be the possession of his arch rival. There are prostitutes and gangsters and espionage. And the only 70's figure that can match the coolness of Helmut Berger, is Fabio Testi who, sadly is not in "Order To Kill." Recommended for fans of the genre. I would love to find an original widescreen print because this movie contains some beautiful location photography as well. Also check out "Mad Dog Killer," also with won't be disappointed.

Wretched film, 1 February 2016

"Roma Drogata" is a disaster on every level. The film as aged terribly, where most Italian crime films from that era look better now than they did then. Tired story centers on the son of a wealthy family, who for some reason has plucked eyebrows more severe than Joan Crawford, and is wearing more makeup than a clown, who wants to get his hands on some hard drugs. He wants to throw a party and provide the party favors, so a bunch of ugly, drugged out hippies can hang out at his house and use him for drugs. Bud Cort, looking seedy and creepy is a drug pusher along with his girlfriend. There are some hallucination scenes which are hilariously dated and cheesy, and the rich boy's father is a rabid right winger who feels that all drug dealers, addicts, and thieves should be burned at the stake. And this features the worst soundtrack ever. The cheesy, dated songs made me nauseous. Complete drivel. It doesn't help that the cast is so damn unattractive either. Don't bother with this one. If you want to see a good drug-themed film from Italy, search out "Amore tossico." Now that is a well-made and serious film about the drug scene.

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Piece of crap, 10 January 2016

Wow, I find it hard to believe that THIS 19 minute piece of glossy, soft core garbage created such controversy in the UK. Basically this is 19 minutes of a "nun" who looks like an 80's hooker, writhing around on the floor to cheesy, awful 80's synth music. Then she has a lesbian coupling with another bimbo, then she bangs a dude who is supposed to be Jesus, but looks more like the singer in an alternative band. Laughably bad and dated, with not a word of dialogue. It's not even artistic. no more so than you will see in a late night cable production, or Playboy TV. A big waste of 19 minutes this is too long.

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Inspiration for Scarface, 4 January 2016

Here it is, the movie that inspired Bryan DePalma's "Scarface," and when you see "L'ambizioso" you will recognize it immediately. The story is the same, changing only the locales. Aldo, played by cult actor Joe Dallesandro in possibly his biggest role, is a New York born, small time criminal, who comes to Naples to make a name for himself. He goes from a small time gig of hawking black market cigarettes, and methodically claws his way to the top of the criminal underworld, after being betrayed by a colleague. The story arc is the same as DePalma's iconic film, which came a decade later. Filled with action, bloody shootouts, and searing drama, this is one epic movie. Little-known director Pasquale Squitieri made a series of these gangster movies, and they are all brilliant. This guy really knew his stuff. He seemed to have an understanding for bad guys as he tells the story always from their point of view. and he makes us sympathize with them, and even have immense respect for them. Which is why these movies might not be appropriate for young, impressionable minds. For fans of crime cinema and Italian mafia films, "L'ambizioso" is required viewing, and is worth tracking down.

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total nihilism, 28 December 2015

This is one strange piece of exploitation, which is probably why it is so obscure. We have a gang of over privileged teens, led by one extremely over privileged sociopath named Marco, who's father is a completely amoral industrialist who seems to get off on his son's nihilistic behavior. This baby faced gang leader, Marco, rules his crew in a clubhouse decorated with WWII Nazi flags and photos of Hitler. Obsessed with far right politics, Marco seems to hate everyone who is different from him. He also hates women, and I lost count of how many females get raped and beaten in this twisted exploitation gem. This one is pretty twisted, but it never fails to fascinate. Has a similar tone to "Clockwork Orange," as the kids are committing acts of violence just for the thrill of it. They go from one victim to the next, never showing a thread of remorse. The cast is very good looking, and there is no shortage of nudity and sex throughout. This is actually an interesting study of how one person can control and earn respect from his peers, simply by being vicious. Obviously this film isn't for all tastes, but for exploit connoisseurs, and fans of the Italian 'Poliziatti' genre, "I ragazzi della Roma violente" is worth tracking down.

Teen Vamp (1988)
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Weird, weird movie.., 25 October 2015

There is something so strange about this production. The film stock they used is definitely not the same as is used by mainstream filmmakers. It looks almost like Super 8mm or something primitive and cheap. The performances are all beyond awful, like they cast good-looking non-actors to act in it. As far as Clu Gallager's presence, I suspect somebody got the man drunk and tricked him into signing a contract to appear in this seemingly student-film production.

But as poor of a film as "Teen Vamp" is, I still give it 6 stars here, first, because it is so weird and obscure. And it has some other qualities too. For some reason I found it kind of erotic, despite the fact that there is no graphic sex. The vampire is a strange looking guy who is obsessed with an unattainable female classmate who snubs him for being a loser. But when he is transformed into a blood sucker with creepy white eyes, she suddenly gets all hot for him. Simultanaesly she shows that, even though she is a pretty blond airhead, she actually has a fascination with evil. She even takes him to an abandoned house where a man decapitated his twin babies and switched their heads! Also, you keep expecting it be a comedy, but it never really gets there. Instead it remains quite dark and sinister. Others bitched about the make-up effects but I thought they were fine, and the white vampire eyes were suitably creepy. And I'm surprised nobody mentioned the heavy atmospheric quality it has. The washed out film stock, the 1950's cars and clothes, and this seedy quality somehow comes together nicely. The actor they cast as Murphy the vampire is suitably skinny and creepy-looking, but also kind of sexy. He reminded me of Ryan Gosling, if Ryan Gosling smoked a lot of crack and had some mental issues. Weird, very obscure title, that I'm sure is not easy to find. But worth searching for if you are obsessed with vampires..or just truly strange cinema.

Delightfully sinister.., 18 October 2015

Rare, earlier Rudy Valentino film from 1918, and one where Rudy gets to play a truly evil character. As the Count Roberto Di Fraccini, he is a fortune hunting gigolo, who uses his sex appeal to seduce a young virgin into becoming his wife. He cares nothing for the innocent girl, but has an eye on her vast inheritance. When blackmailing her father doesn't work, the Count and his lover, (the young girl's mother-in law no less!) devise an evil plan.

High drama, broken hearted damsels, and villains; it's what the Great Era of Silent Cinema was all about. Valentino might have shown more brightly in later, more high profile films like "Four Horsemen of the Apocalaypse" and "Blood & Sand," but here is a chance to see him in a more stark, and edgy performance. It's wonderful that this early film has survived through the years, and has even had a DVD release. "The Married Virgin" is absolute essential viewing For Valentino fans. Another reviewer commented on the 'choppy script' and inconsistencies, but I saw none. Maybe this person saw a different, or incomplete cut of the film. I thought this was near perfect..and it took years for me to acquire this title, but it was worth the effort.

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