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Seedy Danish "roughie", 5 October 2015

The version I saw of this very obscure title, ran roughly 58 minutes, so I'm not sure what is missing from this print. This site lists the original run time of 73 minutes. If plot and story was cut, then I would surely love to see this in it's full length version.

"Blue Balloon" is sleazy, grindhouse porn, to be sure. But the storyline does draw you in, if you let it. This young woman is spotted at the airport, by a truly despicable woman in a wig and dark sunglasses, who pretends to be concerned about the girl's welfare. Having just said goodbye to her boyfriend as he goes away to the army, she is distraught, and allows herself to be drugged and taken to a seedy apartment. She is kept high on marijuana joints laced with heroin, in order to keep her in line, as she is repeatedly raped by paying male customers. At one point she escapes, but her new addiction keeps her working the streets, until one night a familiar face reappears..

These 1970's exploit films sometimes have this strange, atmospheric quality, and "Blue Balloon" is certainly one of those. If there was just a little more story, or some more non-sexual scenes, this could have been better. And I suspect that the long version might be just that. Even so, this is a curiosity piece that will be interesting to fans of vintage grindhouse cinema.

Cheesy 80's garbage, 4 October 2015

After seeing the enjoyable "Coming of Sin" and the horror classic "Vampyres," I decided to give this one a try, despite it's low rating. What a difference a decade can make. This ugly, artless "Rosemary's Baby" rip off, possesses none of the beauty and artistry as the stuff from the 70's. Instead we have synth music, big hair and tons of tacky sex scenes, possibly to make up for everything else this movie is lacking. A woman, played by an actress who can't seem to stop pushing her petrified hairstyle back with her hand, (a pointless gesture as nobody in this crap has hair that moves.) She arrives with her husband at the estate of her brother, who has died mysteriously. She finds that her sister-in-law is not what she pretends, and she begins to suspect that she is a devil worshiping witch. Cue the 'special herb tea' ala 'tannis root' and the naked old people at Satanic sex rituals, and the old shtick about the wife being the last to know etc..

I know the 80's was a time of filmmakers copying earlier, more successful films, and there have been some good ones. But "Black Candles" is really a waste of time. And I forced myself to sit through the entire thing, just so I could say I had seen it..only to find the worst, dumbest, and most incoherent ending I have ever seen. So unless you need to see a woman having sex with a goat, there really is absolutely no reason to waste your valuable time. Just revisit "Vampyres" from this same director, which is a horror classic.

Holy Grail of 'Rape films', 15 September 2015

Although it isn't too surprising that "Rapists At Dawn" is banned in it's native land, I'm not sure why it isn't available elsewhere. It's counterparts, like "Last House On the Left," "House On the Edge of the Park" and "I Spit On Your Grave" etc are out there for commercial consumption. What makes Dawn more disturbing isn't the graphic nature, as the film never ventures into hardcore territory; but the sheer amount of rape and violence. This is one nihilistic and angry film. The four youths depicted are like a gang of hyenas, raping and beating random women with utterly no sense of guilt or remorse. And it just goes on and on. Women, always attractive, with beautiful bodies, are beaten, whipped with belts and degraded in every way imaginable. One girl is gang raped until she is bleeding from her vagina, and the gang of thugs walk away laughing when they have finished satisfying themselves. This movie is supposed to be some political allegory on the level of violence among youth during that time, but the scenes of brutality are filmed in a voyeuristic way that seems to be designed to sexually arouse the viewer. If this were straight forward porn, it would actually be less offensive, because it would be written off as adult entertainment, But because it is a legitimate film, it must be taken seriously.

As a fan of violent, grind-house cinema from this period, I quite like "Dawn Rapists." It is even more powerful and well-made than some other movies in it's genre. Sadly the copy that I have doesn't have English subtitles, and there doesn't seem to be any available. I'm surprised because there must be a cult following for this. In fact, due to it's rarity, and troubled history, I wouldn't be surprised if some consider this movie the 'Holy Grail' of rape films..

Haunting, poetic film, 13 September 2015

Super low-budget film manages to capture some truly gorgeous images, while telling a sad & romantic tale. "Dead Leaves" is a road movie, that begins in Brooklyn NY, when a man finds his girlfriend dead, in their apartment. Joey is not ready to say goodbye to Laura and, overcome with grief, he puts her body in the passenger seat of his beat up Porsche, and hits the road. What follows is an atmospheric, richly-filmed trip along the East Coast of the USA. For such a low budget film, this one manages to capture some of the most beautiful Autumn scenery I have seen. Brightly colored, dying leaves, glowing neon signs of cheap, decaying roadside motels, shots of tiny, obscure villages and towns, are captured in this indescribably nostalgic way. I'm guessing that the grainy film stock helped to give the movie this ethereal glow, but it also can be attributed to the smart choice of location shooting.

I see the only other review for this film was written by someone who stumbled on it accidentally, while looking for some exploitation film called "Nekromantik." Well it's no surprise that he didn't enjoy this slow-moving, poetic film. There is no necrophilia here, and almost no bloodshed. In fact we don't have any exploitative elements at all; just a dark, almost Gothic tale of lost love. And the main theme here is, as the title suggests, decay. Everything is decaying; the foliage, the buildings, the cars, and Joe's physical and mental health, along with Laura's body. And throughout we hear narration of some classic poetry, along with some haunting pieces from Bach and Wagner. "Dead Leaves" reminds me very much of the film "Brown Bunny" from Vincent Gallo, another film that was underrated, and greatly misunderstood. It also brings to mind the early works of Gus van Sant, especially in it's visual style. Highly recommended for fans of independent and obscure films, looking for something different. Watching "Dead Leaves," I had to wonder if the East Coast was really that beautiful back in 1998.

Poor effort, 1 September 2015

Being a devoted fan of director Jess Franco, and also of Erwin Dietrich, I was expecting some kind of coherent storyline from this movie. But there is really no linear story to speak of. This is 90 minutes of footage of three attractive women, lying around and touching themselves, and each other. It just goes on and on. Considering this is not hardcore, the film really has no reason to exist. I checked this one out to see Eric Falk, whose work I admire, but he is barely in the movie. This one is awful. If you want to see three women sitting around naked and talking and masturbating for 90 minutes, then go for it. Persoanlly I want a little more from my entertainment. Surprisingly it is not even stylish or artistic. I can't believe Jess Franco made this; it is not at all his style.

The best of it's genre, 5 August 2015

After seeing countless 'Nazisploitation' movies, I lost hope that anything from this genre could actually qualify as "good cinema." But "Deported Women of the SS" has all the trappings of a good film; competent, sometimes beautiful cinematography, haunting and romantic orchestral score, and characters that are developed enough that you can actually care about their fate. Not to mention very authentic looking military/SS uniforms, and hairstyles correct to the 1940's. Best of all, we have John Steiner, as SS Captain Herr Erner. what a great, sinister villain he makes here. He played a similar role in Tinto Brass' "Salon Kitty," and I cannot imagine anyone looking more believable in those gorgeous black SS uniforms. In "Deported Women" we learn that Herr Erner had a passionate affair with an attractive young woman,and is reunited with her years later, when she arrives at the concentration a prisoner. His obsession for her grows to the point that it could be his downfall.

For WWII enthusiasts, this is a must-see film. As far as the exploitation elements go, this movie doesn't go overboard. You get a lesbian rape scene, that winds up not being very enjoyable, as we are made to care about the victim. This is so rare with this genre of film. The actors are attractive and the high production values prevent this from looking seedy. This is certainly the best film of it's genre. I also recommend another nazisploitation film called "Nazi Love Camp," as it has good production values, and a good story. Try to find a good copy.

Second half "Baron of Darkness", 30 July 2015

I'm not sure why this title was split into two parts, and dated 2 years apart; this was obviously filmed all at one time. I guess nobody could sit through a 4 hour porn film, even one with a good story, like "Baron of Darkness." In the first part, we are in current times, where the character Kathrin Dumont is introduced. She is a crazed, drunken street person wandering the streets of Germany, mumbling to herself. The viewer finds out how she came to be in this state, as she recounts her affair with the Baron Jean-Pierre LeGrand, played by the insanely sexy Zenza Raggi. Jean-Pierre, a romantic vampire, reveals his secret to her, as their affair grows more intense. The first film ends abruptly, with no conclusion, and you must track down this "Baron of Darkness II" to get the rest of the film. And it is worth the effort.

The second installment is where we find out about Jean-Pierre and his history of how he became a blood drinker. Flashbacks to the year 1640, the young Baron had an affair with a married woman of elite society, and in a jealous rage, her husband curses Jean-Pierre to immortality as a vampire. The flashback sequences are very nicely done with proper costumes and sets, and it is obvious that everyone involved took this project quite seriously. They didn't just want to make a porn movie. Winner of several adult film awards, including the 'Venus Award' and the European X' Award, "Baron of Darkness" is definitely worth the trouble of finding both parts. Of course much of the film is hardcore sex, but there is a great DVD from Germany, where they have merged the two films together, and removed the hardcore footage, creating a feature length film which is very enjoyable. It is shot on video, and might sometimes look cheap, but man is this movie sexy. And Moroccan-born Zenza Raggi is the sexiest movie vampire ever. So obviously this is one that can be enjoyed by women as well as men. It might not be a masterpiece, but it's better than "Twilight.."

Eyeball (1975)
Blah, 27 July 2015

Typical giallo fare, this one is particularly weak. "Someone" in a red raincoat is stabbing a group of American tourists in Barcelona. This is indistinguishable from countless other movies in this genre; endless discussions among detectives about "whodunnit," glimpses of nudity to help maintain the viewers interest, and once in a while, a violent murder takes place. Yawn. I searched out this obscure title after hearing someone compare this tripe with "Halloween." I usually don't take anything I read on the internet at face value, but I got suckered this time. With all the great stuff out there, I would recommend passing this one up; it's utterly miss-able, and life is too short to waste 90 minutes of it pointlessly.

Classic vintage exploitation, 26 July 2015

First off, the other reviewer who described the sex scenes as "tame" obviously saw a censored version. These 70's exploit films are for a very specific audience, namely fans who can appreciate the bizarre style and lurid subject matter that mainstream cinema rarely deals with. "Confessions of the Sex Slaves" is pure eye (and ear) candy; gorgeous women in peril, at the hands of sexy, sadistic villains, exotic locations, incredible music, and dialog so offbeat and crazy that you find yourself quoting the actors for weeks after.

The subject of international sex trafficking is at the center of this film, and it is quite interesting. However being an exploitation film, the subject is mostly used to show women in various states of undress and sexual situations. The sleaze merchants deal with guns and drugs as well as flesh. We also get a fascinating look at various sex clubs, in places like Zurich and Amsterdam, and even Tangiers. A lot of scenes inside the famed "Moulin Rouge" club, and shots of vintage, neon soaked Amsterdamm's Red Light District, along with gorgeous daytime scenes of Zurich and Ammsterdamm in winter. We follow several girls down the path of sexual bondage, along with a couple reporters who are writing an article on the subject. The tale culminates in exotic Tangiers, where oil sheiks are looking for beautiful girls to add to their harems.

Filled with sex scenes that are often violent and mean spirited, but thankfully never going into hardcore territory. We get truly over-the-top villains like 'Karate Jack,' who laughs out loud as he brutally rapes women. This is truly some beautiful, vintage sleaze. The low rating for this film is probably due to the fact that the wrong audience has seen it. This is a very obscure title, but worth tracking down for fans of oddball grind-house cinema.

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Sad, 19 July 2015

I really liked the TV show; it was funny, and sweet, and mostly realistic. Everything came together in a believable way, and the slowly developing relationship between Cem & Lena was actually romantic.

This awful movie is NONE of those things. The entire story has been changed, and Cem and Lena meet on a tropical island after their plane to Thailand crashes in the Indian Ocean. The two families just happen to be on the same plane. The movie is a poorly realized gimmick, that takes the same actors/characters from a much loved TV series, and recreates their entire history. For fans it is a slap in the face, and I cannot imagine any fan of the show not HATING this stupid movie. The comedy is so unfunny that I felt embarrassed for the actors, and the music is cheesy and terrible too. Oh, and the 'romance' has been replaced with sexual attraction. What worked on television does not work on the big screen. I guess this is what happens when you condense a long story into 90 minutes. On a side note, I used to like the actor Elyas M'Barek. After this one, not so much; they made a fool of him in this one. And Costa, my favorite character from the show, is called a "retard" more than 50 times, by everyone in the cast. The real Cem from the series would never have made fun of his best friends speech problem. This whole production is just cheesy, sleazy and disgusting..

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