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A truly faithful adaptation.., 19 January 2014

For those fans worried about the makers of this TV production not being faithful to the source material; this version is really wonderful. Featuring a beautiful, blond cast of talented actors, "Flowers in the Attic" makes the beloved Gothic novel come to life. With nice 1950's period detail, we follow the Dollanganger family to the sprawling Virginia mansion known as Foxworth Hall, a place filled with secrets and cruel deceptions. Four children will be hidden in an upstairs room by a selfish mother, determined to "win back her father's love," and thus inherit the vast Foxworth fortune. But you all know the story; this book series is such a big part of the childhood memories of so many people.

This new adaptation has it all; beautiful sets, top rate actors turning in frighteningly believable performances, and an intelligent script that shows absolute respect to the novel from 1979. It is obvious that everyone involved actually cared about what they were doing, which is rare for television movies, that so often look rushed and sloppily thrown together, just to meet a deadline. In other words, this movie has a heart. Veteran actress Ellen Buryston surprisingly lends the Grandmother a bit of a human side here, which in turn makes Corrine even more of an evil character. Not to say that the Grandmother isn't still terrifying; Buryston just gives her more depth. Heather Graham, usually known more for her beauty than her acting abilities, gives a surprisingly good performance as Corrine Foxworth; sweet, charming, selfish, and cruel; all at the same time. And later in the story, when she shows her true colors, it is quite frightening. She plays a great bitch. Cathy and Chris likewise were perfectly cast by two very talented young people. Cathy especially is multi-layered here, and she allows us to sympathize with her, without her acting too sweet, or innocent; here she is a "real person," a girl that we can relate to.

I can say that every major plot point of the novel was covered in this movie, except for one that I can remember; the passages in the novel where Chris lets Cory drink his blood, after the Grandmother has cut off their food supply, is sadly absent; sad because that is one of the most powerful images from the book, and shows just how much Chris loved his siblings. But every minute of it's short running time was used to maximum effect. At under 2 hours, we still get the feeling that the children are in that upstairs room for 2 years. And I have to say that this production has a gorgeous look to it as well. It must be mentioned too, that the controversial theme of incest is dealt with, and handled very tastefully; it is still shocking, but it never feels exploitative. I'm happy to say that this is a total success all around. If you are a fan of the novels, and haven't seen this movie version, i recommend that you give it a watch; I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with this one.

The Dr. Zhivago of adult films, 17 January 2014

I'm not exaggerating either; "Moscow: Power of Submission" needs to be seen to be believed. This production is so impressive that there is even a documentary about the making of it. Filmed on location in Russia, and featuring some of the most beautiful performers you can imagine, the story follows a group of Russian soldiers as they go about their day. There is something very raw and realistic about this movie. Maybe it's the exotic setting and impressive sets, and the beautiful and authentic Russian uniforms. Maybe it's because there is more than sex going on. The production values are so good that when there is not a sex scene happening, this actually looks like a real, mainstream movie. It isn't easy to make men having sexual relations with other men, look so completely "straight," but it is achieved here, making this a real fantasy. Because the men don't look like models, but rather real military guys. My personal favorite scene shows them hanging around outside in the freezing cold, sharing a bottle of vodka before they go inside for a card game that soon turns into a drunken orgy. Too bad the director, "The Bear" only directed one film. This guy is listed as the cameraman for Kristen Bjorn, but "Moscow: Power of Submission" is better than anything Bjorn ever made.

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Sleazy nostalgia, 2 January 2014

No film captures New York's grimy 42nd street of the 1980's quite as effectively as Paul Morrisey's "Forty Deuce." This is basically a hypnotically sleazy tale of New York street hustlers trying to make some cash off of the body of a dead 12 year old kid in a dismal motel room. For anyone who thinks actor Kevin Bacon could only play squeaky clean roles in the 80's would really be shocked by his believable portrayal of a slimy, junkie male prostitute. The main reason to seek this film out is, of course, for the rare footage of a New York that no longer exists. Prostitutes and drug dealers lined up around the Port Authority Bus station, dark, seedy hustler bars, and the great nostalgia factor. I believe this is the first screen appearance of Kevin Bacon, and also a young Esai Morales. This title is very rare and it will take a lot of effort to track it down. It was only released on VHS, and only in France! There has never been any other official release of this one. It's quite fascinating stuff though, this super low budget art-house film must have some cult status.

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Powerful film about Male Prostitution, 20 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before watching this film, "Aleksandr's Price," I was expecting a typical gay themed film with a lot of exploitative sex and nudity, and little else. This is nothing of the kind. Instead we have a brilliant character study, of a Russian immigrant being slowly destroyed by the harsh NYC hustling scene. Having seen many films on the subject of prostitution, i cannot remember any other film that so accurately documents what this lifestyle does to the human soul and sense of self-worth. Aleksandr is a young, and very naive Russian immigrant, who finds himself alone in a big, harsh city, after his mother commits suicide. Aleksandr is an illegal alien, unable to secure a legal means of income. It doesn't help that he has no friends to guide him or help him out. Being very good looking, he soon finds himself in a job as a go-go dancer in an NYC gay bar. When a man takes him home for a night of sex, Aleksandr is both surprised and disgusted when the man hands him an envelope with $500 inside, and promptly kicks him out. This is where the fascinating psychological study comes into play. After being abandoned by his father, and then told by his mother that he is worthless garbage who ruined her life, Aleksandr is desperate for someone..anyone to care about him, or to recognize some worth in him. Sadly, the kind of love or friendship that he searches for is not to be found in the world of prostitution. For Aleksandr meets an unending stream of the most vile, jaded men you can imagine. And with each humiliation, his sanity slips away, along with his sense of self, until he no longer believes that he is worthy of anybody or anything. After a while, he becomes addicted to the sex, and the rejection, until he comes to the point where he becomes sexually aroused by the abuse, and by the idea that he somehow deserves this vile treatment.

This pattern is so accurate; prostitution often leads to self loathing, and self annihilation. The tag line for this film is "Love isn't free," but the truth is, money isn't free either. It comes at a very steep price. I was really amazed that this film touched on all these facts, and it did it without being the least bit exploitative; the sex scenes, of which there are many, are filmed in a way in which the viewer doesn't see anything 'sexy.' Rather than showing naked bodies, the camera focuses on facial expressions, and the least erotic elements of sex. It focuses on the pain and sadness of the act, the psychological aspects of sex for cash. I'm not quite sure who the intended audience for this film is; I can't imagine many gay men liking this film, as there is such a lack of eroticism. not to mention the way the gay scene is portrayed here is very negative; every gay character is the most vile, reprehensible pig imaginable. In fact the gay scene is shown as downright evil. I don't know what to make of that. But at last here is a film with gay themes (it is not really a "gay" film, and Aleksandr's own sexual orientation isn't ever clearly defined) that can be watched by straight guys; the kind of sex in this film is not the kind that would make a straight guy uncomfortable to watch. "Aleksandr's Price" is a low budget film that is every bit as good as "Shame," starring Michael Fassbender, another film that deals with similar issues. I recommend this film highly, for viewers that can deal with dark subject matter; and this one is very dark, and totally devoid of humour or hope. But it's the most "real" film I have seen on the subject of prostitution.

Gorgeous erotic/Gothic film, 19 November 2013

I'm surprised that so few people have mentioned the beautiful cinematography of "Flesh for Frankenstein." Director Paul Morrisey went to great extents to model his film after the works of Luchino Visconti and other prolific Italian directors of the time. Of course to appreciate it, you must see it in it's original widescreen picture ratio. Featuring a lush, dreamlike feel that is helped along by a gorgeous and haunting music score, and top notch costumes. The gore, although extreme, possesses a kind of poetry, and i can imagine such sexually eroticized violence must have caused quite a controversy in the UK, at the time of release. Udo Kier is superb in his maniacal portrayal of Dr. Frankenstein, and the changes and additions to the Mary Shelley novel are for once, very smart and a welcome addition to an already great tale. Aside from the 1933 film "Bride of Frankenstein," this is my absolute favorite screen version of the Frankenstein monster. Excellent film!

Another beautiful film from Iran, 8 August 2013

I have only had the opportunity to see a few Iranian films, but the ones I have seen all possess this life affirming quality, this positive outlook on life, no matter what the struggle might be. The laws that forbid depictions of nudity/graphic sex and violence, force filmmakers to tell their stories in a different way. "Letters On the Wind" is one of these films. The simple tale focuses on a group of Iranian soldiers in training, who know that they will be cut off from all outside life for the next 2 years. One soldier, Taghi, gets a rare opportunity to take a short leave to visit the city of Tehran. Taghi is an immensely likable guy, who spends much of his time tape recording voices, mostly the pretty voices of girls, on his old tape recorder. When he is alone he listens to these voices and they make him feel less disconnected to the outside world. Soon the other guys in his regiment become fascinated with the tape recorded voices, and they come up with the idea that Taghi will record their voices..and play them over the phone for their families when he arrives in the city.

As far as a story goes, that is it. Iranian films usually carry a moral or message, and this one deals with people working together, and helping each other through a common struggle. Taghi does as he is asked, and hearing the happy, grateful voices of his friend's families as they hear the voices of the soldiers, brings Taghi a feeling of joy. This film features a wonderful and rare view of Iran and the city of Tehran, and it's people. The film stock used gives it the vintage look of something older than 2002. It has the feel of a grainy documentary. I wish more Iranian films would be released in the West, as they are so good, and so different from films of other parts of the World. After being inundated with violent and sexual imagery, it is a kind of return to innocence to see a film from Iran. I highly recommend "Letters On the Wind" to all who appreciate World cinema..this one is very unique.

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Yakuzas in training, 3 August 2013

"Hard Romantiker" plays a bit like a Yakuza film for the teen set. The "gangsters" are young and arrogant, and they all aspire to be professional criminals. The film revolves around 'Gu,' the blond "James Dean-like" young thug, who has no fear, and is not shy about cracking someones head open with any blunt object at hand. This is a high octane film with wall to wall style, and featuring some nasty violence, a lot of it directed at young women; Western audiences not used to seeing men casually beat women's faces in, might be a little uncomfortable, but for those of us used to CAT 111 Hong Kong cinema, this won't be new territory. I saw "Hard Romantik" as a kind of 'primer' for harder, more adult gangster films like "Ichi the Killer." But this is a solid, highly entertaining delinquent/gangster movie in it's own right, and I am surprised that it is not more well-known.

Visual, poetic art-house cinema, 29 July 2013

Seeing all the negative comments about "A Thousand Clouds of Peace," makes me think that in order to appreciate a film like this, one has to specifically appreciate this kind of filmmaking. For this is a true, independent art-house film in the classic sense. It is a film that conveys feeling, mood, and story, not with words, but with images. and that is what film is supposed to do.

Unashamedly romantic, the film follows the character Gerardo in his search for a person who has offered promises of true love to him. When this guy fails to meet Gerardo on the bridge as promised, he begins to wander the city alone, looking for someone that he never manages to find. Instead, he encounters various strangers who have all experienced a similar disappointment in their own lives. This is a tale filled with broken people who are forever looking for love, happiness, or some human connection. The glorious black and white photography adds to the haunting and lonely atmosphere, while giving the movie a truly beautiful look. The performances are all fine, and utterly believable, especially the acting of Juan Carlos Ortuno, in the main role of Gerardo. His expressive eyes radiate a kind of genuine sadness and loneliness seldom seen even in actors with years of acting experience; and this guy is only 17 years old. If you have a good memory, "A Thousand Clouds of Peace" just might make you recall what it felt like at that age, to be in love, and feeling everything so intensely. This is truly a treat for film lovers; but don't expect a linear story with a lot of talking and isn't about that. it's about images, and this one is filled with many that are dazzling, and unforgettable. On a side note, it is very rare to find a gay-themed film that has any artistic value, so this movie is truly a discovery. For those who prefer Hollywood mainstream productions however, you might want to skip this one altogether..

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Nice coming-of-age film, 3 May 2013

Without extensive knowledge of the politics behind this film, "Children of USSR" is a very enjoyable coming of age drama with just enough comic elements to make it a fun movie to watch. Slava comes from Russia, to live in Southern Isreal, a small desert town with little to do. He is faced with the usual prejudice from Isreali youths who dislike the Russian immigrants living there. Slava manages to find other outsiders like himself and they arrange a football team in order for something to occupy their time. The film follows the lives of Slava and Mucha and Svetlana, the girlfriend of Slava, as well as their immediate families. What makes the film enjoyable is the fact that the characters are all likable, and they are easy to relate to. It's also nice to see them grow and become adults as the story progresses. This film follows a familiar formula, but it really works here. It never takes itself too seriously, even though it cannot be classified as a comedy. Fascinating for audiences from other parts of the World who want a glimpse into other cultures. I had to write a review of "Yeldey CCCP" when I noticed the terrible, low rating some people gave. This is absolutely not a "2 star" film in any way! My only disappointment was that, although football is a main theme, very little actual football is shown on screen. But actor Daniel Bruck is so charismatic as Slava, that it wasn't noticeable.

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Art-house or exploitation?, 27 April 2013

Whether viewed as a serious art-house film, or sensationalist exploitation, it cannot be denied that "Der Lebensborn" is a gorgeously wrought film. A young Czech girl is discovered by Heinrich Himmler's SS, in a remote Slovakian village. Taken by the girl's flawless "Aryan beauty," she is quickly removed from her home and placed in a "Lebensborn" facility, to breed superior Aryan babies for the Fuhrer. Yes, the plot sounds like a sleazy exploitation film, and although it does have some of that feel, such as gratuitous nude shower scenes, this is an authentic part of Nazi history. These breeding camps did exist, though many people are unaware of this.

While at the camp, we see the young woman have her skull measured and X Rayed, to determine her exact Aryan lineage. She, along with other women (mostly blond, all beautiful) from Germany and Norway, are matched up with high-born German men; SS troops from the best families, preferably who also show great heroism on the battlefield.

At first Gretka views the events unfolding before her with a detached air, but she soon begins to resent, and eventually despise the Nazi regime for what they are doing. And when she meets Leo, an attractive man of Jewish descent, acting as a slave to the SS, she decides to rebel in a way that is shocking and fascinating. "Lebensborn" deals with a subject matter that is so sordid and interesting that it would still be hard to not watch this, even if it was done poorly. Luckily this is an extremely competent production, featuring gorgeous cinematography, fine performances, and a lush, epic score. And although i feel guilty saying it, this film is strangely erotic. We even have the lesbian Commandant walking around in knee high black leather boots, issuing orders like a General on the front lines. It's hard to believe that this Czech production was made for television, as it is so polished, and is easily good enough to be a theatrical production. It is also fairly racy and explicit for a television movie. If you can find this obscure title, I recommend it highly. It is a must-see for WW2 enthusiasts..

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