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"Outlaws" (1960)
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Outlaws - A new style of Western, 10 February 2006

I only saw a few because they were on rather late and we had no home video players in the UK at that time. However despite this I have very vivid memories of the theme music which I recall as a kid partly putting into words along the lines of "Outlaws go and get your guns" but I don't think I got much further than that! It set new ground in realism. The cowboys actually looked as if they had been on the trail and rather unkempt. Close ups of Don Colllier with deep shadows cast by the brim of his hat over his eyes are also vividly recalled somewhat along the lines of the spaghetti westerns of later years. I am pleased to see some are available on DVD.

Chris Turner

"Klondike" (1960)
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Klondyke theme and production, 2 February 2006

I was in my early teens when this series appeared on the first independent channel we had then in the early 1960s but it was often on too late for me to stay up . However my brief viewing has left me with a lasting reminder of the theme music which fitted in well with the subject and I wonder if it is available on CD. The other thing I remember was the clever way images of some of the cast were superimposed onto an old photograph. Bearing in mind the lack of technology I thought it was done very well. Like a western series called "Outlaws" which appeared around the same time Klondyke broke new ground in realism rather than some of the Roy Rogers type images of earlier years. Although I consider Outlaws went one stage further "Klondyke" still left an impression of one being there. CHRIS TURNER