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beyond my mind universe, 1 December 2011

I don't mean to writing a critical review but a caution ! I did know this was a disgusting horror before I download from Amazon, and I did enjoy the Salo 120 days but This one however .....was painful to watch at times and seriously disturbed my appetite including smell and taste! I got bad luck because I buy my dinner and open a new home fragrance before I watch this film! I don't get off on torture or people eating excrement. I do have a fascination with human experiments like the ones the Nazis did. Mostly what one can do to a human body and still have it functional. Anyway, I'm rambling. This was just so distasteful.

I want want my money back, not for the download fee, it's for I don't want to eat my dinner and I close my new taste of fragrance diffusion oil , it's remind me this movie!

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I know they using the same joke as nanny, but the level up, 28 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

who care they recycle the tacky joke again and again?

but I like Fran so much,

especially she still lovely at her fifty , can't stop repeat watching the joke they create at episode 4.spousal support, the wedding planner helper is your fiancé!

that new joke for me, sorry I am Chinese, please make me something easy listening!

as this situation , Fran and Marc Jacob was the ace level to make you happy and gay! you can still laugh a lot for this, the truth was I can't laugh if I spend $20 to watch a movie such as Pirates of Caribbean this summer and they try to make you laugh but you just feel like a fool and nothing to laugh about in theater! this one...LOL

You Again (2010)
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next time if they want to combine avatar and titanic, count on me, 4 June 2011

you can save money for production but how can all the director and writer save idea and plot, I felt all movie recently was just recycle joke, this one was save the joke of my best friend's wedding,Monster-in-law,Mean Girls,bring in on again and again.......,

using cliché was just too simple as the typical word to describe this kind of junk copy, you know a cheer leader marry a 20's lawyer, he got a father of bride parent and a Sabrina sister was not a cute idea! I had such a thrill watching all actor making a wonderful fool all the way in final scene! don't make a bad sitcom in theater please or next time if you want to recycle other classic movie , count on me, I will be well prepare and provide more escapade!

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I'm Supposed to be all excited about the first 3D of Pirates, 18 May 2011

However, after watching the first 15 minutes , I go "blech",

everything was so cliché and total idiot, how can they wrote a ground breaking script like this, Fountain of Youth, adventure of getting Mermaid tears,vampire mermaid fall in love with a priest,Jack Sparrow ex was a pirate and pretends to be him,just return the ground breaking review~anybody pay for the dialogue? next time please hold an audition in kindergarden and I sure the kid get a better idea and plot line.

the truth is this movie in the name of Jack Sparrow pirate series and cheat me to watch a Disney little mermaid! I give this one star and much lower the Date Movie or scary movie series because scary series does suck but its not cheating!

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more appreciate Kevin Costner acting, 27 January 2011

I living in Hong Kong, I don't think any Hong Kong Director will do something like this with low sense! All he do was pick some place around England and Hong Kong with exotic feel,choose some actor in low budget and learn English, the script...maybe his son provide it, what you get from this movie was laugh out loud about you waste your time to download something like this!lastly, remind you to watching the classic of Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston again,how can unrelenting criticism vote The Bodyguard only 5.6 and this one with 5.1? lastly, I hope the movie company will not use their calculate to admit making movie like this!

Election (1999)
like this after ten year, 10 January 2008

Watch this in HBO Hit last night after this movie released 10 years,

I like this lifestyle theory movie , Alexander Payne's finest script. let you think it over again , whenever I see someone who is alway want to be the smarter one, I will thinking the values of Reese Witherspoon "where you want to climb?" ,there was many similar movie release in 1999 ...Dick , American beauty, Boys Don't Cry , Girl, Interrupted , We know and realize intersection in life, You will never, ever look at life the same way after you watch this movie! I only know there still has many people like to climb higher in real life, they need to see this movie !