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Rather amusing and not surprised, 17 November 2007

I actually was rather amused by this special. Many people think Bob Saget was going with the vulgarity to show he's not Danny Tanner from Full House. However, he's been doing this kind of comedy for years. His 1990 HBO special's stand segment didn't have as much profanity, but both shows had the same sort of humor, stream of consciousness flow and weird non sequiturs... and a few of the same jokes. Overall, I prefer this special to the old one simply because it doesn't have the dopey framing skits. I did enjoy the last two of his three songs and much of the humor and jokes. Overall, not my favorite special ever but it has a rewatchalibity factor.

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Entertainment and Education are not mutually exclusive, 25 June 2006

This is one of three shows currently airing that I watch (and set the DVD recorder to catch -- the others are The Colbert Report and Project Runway.)

Most episodes are fascinating; the disaster is shown, and then it goes back to the beginning and shows each step toward the final outcome. The show is a combination of computer graphics, reenactments, and survivor and investigator interviews. The disasters include plane and train crashes, natural disasters, structural breakdowns, and terrorism. The episodes tend to be fairly recent disasters, going back up to about 30 years ago, but every so often they show older ones, like the Hindenburg.

This show has a good rewatchability factor, except National Geographic tends to replay many of the episodes too much and not show others. For example, the Mt. St. Helens and Columbia episodes are shown too often.