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i'm in love with this movie, 26 June 2006

i have no idea what some people are saying! Dermot was the ideal actor for this movie. No one could have topped his performance. As other users said, they wanted a 'sophisticated, suave but distant, mysterious, charming, soft spoken' kind of character and honestly, i can't even imagine anyone else playing Nick Mercer. 75% of the reason why i love this movie the way i do, is because of Dermot Mulroney. He makes this movie that much better. and I actually thought Debra Messing did great in this movie. in "Will and Grace" she's more of a funny and joketive person but in this movie she was serious like 99% of the time. She seemed like a complete different person. They both did such great jobs and i think they were both perfect. Also, did anyone notice that Debra's nose looked about 1000x larger than it does in Will and Grace? Did she get a nose job and am i just really slow? Or am i hallucinating? Another thing, when i first watched it i didn't really see sparks but when you watch a movie for the 2nd or maybe even 3rd time, you just notice things. Like when Nick made Kat breakfast in bed and she asked him what happened the night before. You can see the confusion and sadness in his expression. You can see it in other parts too. But overall this movie was the greatest heart-melter.