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For Roy, 1 February 2006

Everyone show watch and buy this movie if for no other reason than to support Roy Disney against Michael Eisner!!

This poor movie suffered from political mudslinging between these two. As "Treasure Island" was one of the Disney company's first and most successful live-action pictures, Roy had always been passionate about making an animated version. Eisner, ever Roy's opponent, was in charge of the advertising budget. So, when Treasure planet was released, without any typically "Disney" fanfare, it met with unsurprisingly small attendance.

The day after it was released, Eisner held a press conference, declaring "Treasure Planet" a flop, and blaming it for Disney's poor 3rd quarter performance. Roy promptly quit the company his uncle and father had built.

As far as the movie itself goes, the controversy robbed what I think is the finest example of a "Disney" movie since Mulan. The animation is spectacular, the vocal talents are superb, and Brian Murray is one of the greatest Long John Silvers I've ever heard.

But beyond the technical qualities, "Treasure Planet" captures the spirit of Disney much better than recent Disney debacles (see Valiant, Chicken Little, Home on the Range). I think the end product came out very nicely, and, larger than that, I think Walt would have been proud to put his name on this one.

Fee-Nom-I-Nal!, 29 January 2006

I truly believe this is the Citizen Kane of our time. From the first reel to the last, it intrigues us, pulls us in, makes us cry, and truly makes us question the world around us. The metaphoric meaning of Truman Fairbanks is phenomenal, as are all of the performances in it. Although it was mainly recognized for Jim Carrey's first dramatic venture, the movie itself is so much more, and he perfectly fits into his role in what is truly an ensemble piece. Carrey has an amazing ability to relate to his audience, especially for one who's comic movies are incredibly over the top. He reminds of a young Jimmy Stuart in how amazingly likable he always is. Not surprisingly, Stuart is one of Jim Carrey's idols.

A final testament to this movie's greatness is the stir it created at the Oscars. After Jim Carrey had won the Golden Globe for best actor, he was not even nominated for the Oscar. Similarly, a movie many critics thought was the finest of the year was not even nominated for Best Picture. In an rare show of defiance, the directors nominated Wier for best director, despite the movie not making the list.

If you've never seen this movie, do so. You will not regret it.