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My personal dream list of Cast members if RWBY was on TV in the 1990s.
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Ideal cartoon voice actors to voice certain Banjo-Kazooie characters.
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My own fantasy ideas on who would voice the playable Pokemon.
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After seeing numbers of youtube videos in which muppet treasure island is made numerous times for certain scenes, catchy songs, and even the whole movie, being casted by many different characters for different versions, I thought I would cast my own ideal characters once I'd got the right materials like most youtube video makers have.
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This is a list of my ideal actors and actresses for certain sonic characters (same or different kinds, and it includes guests and exclusives).
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This is a list of people For Sonic's buddy and sidekick, Tails.
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Wmonen who arehot in my opinion.
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List of actresses in my opinion for the role of the cheerful pink hedgehog who's maddily in love with Sonic: Amy Rose.
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My current collection of movies and TV shows on DVD & Blu-ray.
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My ideal actors for Knuckles, gaurdian of the master emerald.
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The hottest babes in my opinion.
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My list of games for Gamecube, Wii, & Vurtual Console/Wiiware.
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List of actors ideal to the world's fastest hedgehog,Sonic.
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The list of actors for my idea on who should be Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic's Bad-Butt Doppleganger.
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List of perfect actors for the voice of the Comic releif of a strong, money loving, detective: Vector the Crocodile.
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The best recommended actors for Robotnik (including the actors who did him).
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Here's my top 50 favorites