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Ladyboy (2011)
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a warm movie, 20 December 2013

The word ladyboy is usually associated with the shallow porn industry and this movie wants to break that mold.

Its trying to give you a keyhole into a human being and whats under the labels of identity.

We get to follow a dragshow queen trough her form of everyday adventure. The storyline is not very complex but its not supposed to be. So i cant really go into the plot without taking away your enjoyment.

Its very warm and rewarding and easy to relate to kind of movie. Something i find more and more rare to be honest in the movie industry.

I truly recommend it.

"Homeland" (2011)
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Its horrible, 8 October 2013

Have you ever been to a super-mall and run into a kid screaming and kicking pouting its lip with tears and snot flying everywhere to get what it wants?

Imagine that kid growing up unaltered and you have the main character Carrie.

The plot is linear and flat. The characters are cardboard 2d flat. The environment is uninteresting.

The good guys is Americas homeland security that consist of cellphones 2 random guys in swat gear and some backdrop characters who never gets to do anything other then make Carrie cry make her underlip shiver and push snot out with the tears flying.

They are all bumbling idiots unable to tie their own shoe laces. The biggest most advanced monitoring and security machine ever made in the human history is ignored.

There is no monitoring software,no satellites no helicopters no nothing. Just a handful of idiots with cellphones. Im actually surprised they didn't use steam engine trains or bicycles but was allowed to use cars!

The opposing side that comes from countries filled with sand and don't have running water or schools or hospitals or basically anything but sand and goat herders and poverty on the other hand can execute flawless plans under the nose of the biggest most well-funded paranoid military complex in the world.

The actors are not bad its not their fault,its how the show is written.

I have never ever hated a character from a TV show so much as Carrie.

If you can tie your own shoelaces and count to potato i honestly think this show is beneath you and would recommend The bridge instead that at least tries to develop characters and some kind of a plot.

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its a medium low quality action flick, 28 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoiler warning.

The movie plot is based on the idea of north Korea who is to poor to even have electric lights during nighttime (satelite footage don't lie) to assault the most well guarded house in the world, the white house.

And actually defeat the apparatus of the most well armed paranoid nation in the world with the biggest war budget of mankind at its disposal.


Had it been pre - 9/11 i guess it wouldn't sound so horribly bad as a plot device.

Anyway if you can somehow swallow that plot you get into a secret service one man army hero who is on a quest to defeat the attackers and free the president and his son.

The acting is a bit cardboard dry and the bad guys are very cliché. The story is so tilted and poorly executed you don't really have to follow the story at all.

You know the outcome after 10 minutes and after that you just wait for it to unfold.

If you want to watch pure action i would recommend the old die hard movie instead it has better acting.

If you want a invasion attack movie i think Red dawn from 1984 also does that better.

I somehow don't get the feeling its the actors fault this movie fell so flat on its face i think its the people behind the camera to blame on this one.

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B movie with all the flaws, 29 May 2013

The movie starts out with earth under attack and the population who apparently only is 20 people is evaccing off the planet in space ships.

The main character is a soldier that ends up on one of the ships during the assumed chaos.

He wakes up from hibernation and find the crew is hunted by stealthy aliens.

The acting is pretty bad. It has the all the flaws a b movie has when its bad, shaky handcam wooden dialogs plot holes and non likable characters.

Like all bad b movies it feels the need to keep a high pace without it adding content.

Airsoft guns and some cgi and you have it nailed down. There is no reason to care about anyone since its not believable or developed.

The background is not explained or anything else either. I think the reason for the high pace is to try and avoid showing the flaws in the acting but it only makes it worse.

So you starts the story nowhere and it goes nowhere and in the meantime its not any point to get interested.

Avoid it if you can.

Mental (2012)
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epic movie laughed like mad, 27 May 2013

You shouldn't read this you should just watch it! Sometimes you stumble over a fresh movie thats pure genius this is one of them.

The movie centers about a suburban broken home and it starts out a bit kinda meh but keep accelerating from there on to pure mental enjoyment.

It take lemons and makes lemonade mace you can spray in the face of your everyday depression.

It reminds me somehow of Hedwig and the angry inch in stylistic way of touching the mundane boring bizarre dark parts of life in a way that jolts you in a good way.

It probably has the best ending of a movie I've seen since the text scrolling dialog in a knights tale.

The story is not the important part hence i don't focus on it,its the ride itself with the characters.

I rarely get to write positive review on IMDb so I'm glad i watched this movie and you should to :)

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its horrible, 26 April 2013

I cant believe Rob Zombie made this movie. If you liked his others movies you should probably avoid this one.

We follow Heidi a rock radio talk show host that lives in a town called salem...we don't really get a picture of the town and or the people so it just remains a name.

Salem has a dark past history relating to witchcraft. The circle of actors in this movies is very narrow. The acting is good but the storyline is weak and not even researched enough to use any common symbolics towards satanism or witchcraft and is more what a 10 year old kid imagines what it should be.

You have no reason to care about any of the characters since they aren't developed or actually matter in any way. I found myself drifting and fiddling with stuff and walking away from the movie because i was so bored.

Its bland and poorly developed, there are some artistic scenes here and there but they don't really relate to the story.

There is no reason to watch this movie im a big fan of Rob Zombies other movies and i love his music but this feels more like a 100 dollar budget movie from sifi channel in the bad 1980s way.

Im curious if he actually made it...or if its just his name on the product because it all felt very alien.

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its dumb cliché and fun to watch, 21 August 2012

its filled with every b movie action scene known to man. everyone talk with deep burly macho voice using one-liners. people have nitro as blood because they explode when shot. the plot is lousy and full of more holes then the billions of dead enemies in this movie.

the animation effects is horrible.

but its fun.

it has self-distance and its nice to be able to shut down the brain and just watch.

i recommend it and hopefully it has burned out b action movie plots/characters for all eternity so hard you will never have to go trough it ever again in this life.

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good movie if your 12 years old, 20 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't honestly understand how this movie get so high rating its really horrible.

The movie is based around the idea of holliday warriors...something that exists in real life warzones where young men go over the weekend to fire a few shots on some enemy.

But they changed it to rich people can buy a ticket into a warzone and get some action.

This is no spoiler if you have seen the trailer. The casted people is actually not bad actors but the end product is horrible.

You see brand new uniforms a lot of airsoft rifles and people who don't know anytning about being tactical at all,this movie obviously had no attempt to make it feel real at all its more like a bmovie drug dealer action "lets pretend we know what we are doing since we didn't use any advisors on holding a rifle or that clothes in a warzone isn't brand new".

The only thing missing is the eye of the tiger theme song really.

The story line is poor and leads nowhere. You get the feeling they had 5 minutes worth of ideas and filled the rest with "stuff".

The actors don't really even try...its almost depressive. You don't have any character development at all you don't care about anybody.

The entire thing is an insult to anyone above 12 years old...and i think actually they would get out more of most first person shooters story then this to be honest.

How the mighty has fallen..i cant believe they actually got this cast into this production ...they must desperate for money. I have seen a lot of them in higher quality movies and they can all do a lot better then this.

If you injoy kids arm flailing playing war with wooden rifles and make no sense or care story this is for you except the kids are 40+ years old here.

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incredible quality documentary about trappers and life in the wild, 3 June 2012

This is the quality you dream discovery channel had..maybe they did years ago. We get to follow the lives of fur trappers in remote siberia. It gives insight to how we lived before the 9-5 jobs at least in scandinavia its probably the best wilderness documentary I've seen.

Its down to earth and the scenery is jawdropping. Its a hard but honest life and a lot of humanity yet still the wilderness stares back at you from the screen.

If you like documentaries with ray mears or expeditions with lars monsen this for you. Without the drama or the smugness of teaching you get to follow how they have learned to live with nature and not against it.

And its not focused with misery just because they are off grid and not part of the consumer hysteria (amazing).

Its nice for once not having to do a review to warn viewers but instead recommend it. Watch this you will not be sorry.

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brilliant dark humour, 9 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mixture of movies like bad santa and idiocracy with massmurder added.

The movie follows a maincharacter who is a middle aged man that is to be as average as possible. He watches typical TV and hates it,has a typical job and hates it. His family is divorced and he hates it.

It starts out slow and gets going after the main character is diagnosed with brain cancer and you get to ride along in the backseat.

If you have ever read a newspaper and just felt depressed or watched news and just hated every idiot spewing stupid stuff out of it this is the relief you need.

The movie has very relaxed and dark sense of humour it doesn't try to be violence focused or gory.

If you ever felt like doing an Elvis and just shoot your TV with a gun this is the movie for you.

I can see this becoming a cult classic.

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