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Touching, 26 November 2009

I cried watching this movie , The story is very emotional and sad , it is about the life of poor teenage boy Mohammed living with his mother , who works as a home servant for rich people , trying to survive the everyday material needs and to maintain her child's needs . Mohammed a decent and ambitious boy finds it difficult to cope with his teenage needs, the seduction of women and life, so he finds refuge

in extreme religious group , this affects his relation with everybody especially his mother . The movie has a tragic ending. Its must see movie.

Waddah Wajeeh

Borderline (2008)
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Borderline life, 21 July 2008

Borderline life

An exceptional piece of art and a very emotional movie it takes you to a very sad story about a young woman who becomes an emotional cripple due to her mentally ill mother,she is raised by her grandmother.

Her life before 30 is a far from fairy-tale. Sex and alcohol are her only outlets and her daily reality , so much emotions , tears , laughs and nudity .

An outstanding performance by the very attractive and a pleasure to watch Isabelle Blais (Kiki ) the main Character in the movie . The music was so nice and sad.

The film was well done and thoughtful.

It is a must see.

Shortbus (2006)
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The hippie lifestyle is back, 24 June 2007

Shortbus is a movie that explores the life and the sexual orientations of young people living in New York , with so many problems and dissatisfaction in there relationships , everybody is looking for something deferent ,something new, or even something old from the past , like the hippie lifestyle , or for a change , but they do have so many frustrations in achieving what they looked for . They all share one place were they meet and have fun , it is a club called Shortbus which is the name of the movie… Despite all the problems these young people are facing , the movie has a happy ending and everybody is satisfied. The love scenes were so rich and true , that you think you are watching a hardcore movie , with real penetration and ejaculation sometimes , all the actors did a great job.

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My Name Was Sabina Spielrein, 17 June 2007

I saw the movie , it is a great one ….. We see how Sabina Spielrein a young woman with psychosis unable to move on with her life she is anorexic and nervous with episodes of deep depression , but with the help of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung who has faith in her, she regains her self-esteem , and a love story develops between the two which ends dramatically . She overcame her grief after that relationship and start working in psychoanalysis , in Russia she organized a school for troubled children one of them appears at the end of the movie an old man now with tears in his eyes describing and thanking Spielrein for her help back then . Her school was destroyed by the communist regime of the former soviet union . The movie faithfully restores Spielrein to her rightful place as a crucial contributor to the fields of child psychology and psychoanalysis.

Fateless (2005)
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Tow thumbs up, 9 June 2007

The Holocaust was a very dark and gruesome point in human history , Fateless is a great movie about that time , but from a child’s point of view , the story is gruesome and sad one , first we see Urka a healthy and happy child living with his parents , and after he was arrested and sent to the camps we see him pale and lifeless due to the indescribable sufferings he endured . I think the most chilling scene is when Urka looks at his severely infected knee , and then he looks straight at the camera ….at you , it is like he is telling you please help me,I am helpless here.. A work of masters Lajos Koltai , Imre Kertész and the breathtaking music by Ennio Morricone , and don’t forget the superb performance by Marcell Nagy .

It is a masterpiece it is a must see movie

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It lacks the credibility..., 8 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is a movie which sheds the light on the begging of the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation of Palestine but it does not show the real feelings of the people back then and how they were tricked into believing that they could return to their home soon , it does not mention the massacres committed by the Jews like Der Yassine and how they tortured and killed and destroyed the family of any Palestinian freedom fighter it lacks the credibility about the real Palestinian struggle and about anything Palestinian , however it has something about the suffering of Palestinian citizens ending up as refugees in the nearby Arab countries , the movie focuses on the story of the man in coma he is now in the present time and through his story we see the film . The movie is just telling the life of one person and has some nudity scenes which are irrelevant to the story.