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Really funny, but I don't think its suppose to be like that, 27 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

All in all, this entire movie is a joke. There is nothing scary in this movie. The only thing scary is that it is so laughable that you should watch it.

There are a lot of problems in this movie. The main character's clothes don't fit (one guy's sleeves were too long.) And some of the vampire's reflections can be seen, and one maid/vampire is often out in the sun. The guy who plays the main vampire is a ham and can't act at all. He doesn't have much to say yet he ruins everything anyway.

The best part of this movie is the end, because it is hysterical, in my opinion. Don't see it if you want to get scared. See the film "Carnival of Souls," a movie that is far superior to this movie and has some similar looking characters. And it is really disturbing.

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It was a great show, at first, 19 February 2006

A while back I remember everybody talking about Kim Possible. It was loved and people bought Kim Possible merchandise. It would seem Kim was gonna be the next big thing. But lately, this show has taken a turn for the worse IMO. The episodes are too similar and the characters are getting annoying. Esspiecally that little mole rat Rufus, who rarely does a thing useful in any episode except smile and say something about nachos ( which is getting old two.) The villains one this show are far more interesting than the heroes. Why can't there be a twist episode where Dracken, Kim's archenemy beat her and finally do whatever the heck he was planning to do. That would stir a lot of tension.

But apparently this show is gonna be hot for another few years because little kids love it. But it won't last forever. I hate to be the Grinch here, but one day a girl sitting at home watching this show is gonna say "Come on, why can't anything new ever happen on this show? I'm bored."

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Not a masterpiece, but still a good mystery, 3 February 2006

This movie could have been really good, but it somehow fails to deliver. I know that a lot of Giallo films have talking segments but in this movie, 70 percent of the time, nothing was going on. Just talking about basically nothing.

I also thought that this movie isn't real Giallo, because there isn't a lot of killings on screen. Most of the action happens off camera with a few exceptions. I was thinking this would be more along the lines of "Blood and Black Lace" or "Suspiria" (but then again, Suspiria tends too be a little to violent.)

I guess this is one of those movies where you remember it better than it really was. See it anyway if you like Italian horror movies because the plot line is quite unique. That's really all I thought was excellent about this movie.


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it was way better than the other Barbie princess movies, 1 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a collector of Barbie Dolls (the vintage ones from the 60's) I'm also always interested in the contemporary market of dolls. I saw the Erika doll at a toys-R-us back in 2002. I didn't realize that it was from a movie in 2004, because it would have been worth a fortune. I still don't know how it got there.

This movie is the best of the Barbie movies. The villain isn't some superhuman magical warlock or witch that has lazer beams shooting out of their hands like in some of the early Barbie movies. Preminger, the Queen's adviser is an incompetent villain that can't do anything right so he has two roadies who do his every command and at the same time are the film's comic relive.

Our two heroines are not just two blonds that can't do anything right and whined up getting in trouble and their handsome prince has to save them and then they get married for no possible reason. The princess in this movie has more sense than that and is interested in science (FINALLY, A SMART BARBIE PRINCESS! THERE IS A GOD!!!) Erika, the pauper is something of a dreamer and wants to be famous and sing in front of Lords and Ladies and tour the world.

The plot is simple enough for little girls to like, and for parents to live through. The story is that Princess Annaliese is engaged to King Domonick, a foreign king who is loaded with cash apparently because the only reason Annaliese is marrying him is because her mother is broke. All of the gold from their royal mine had disappeared and so has Preminger. What a coincidence (wink wink.) Annaliese secretly loves Julian her tutor who I must admit is pretty hot, with is long blond hair that flows in the wind. Meanwhile, pauper Erika is living with Madame Carp as a seamstress because before Erika was old enough to remember, her parents borrowed money from Carp and they died before they could pay her back, so now Erika is stuck working for Carp until the debt is paid off, which conveniently will be paid off at the stroke of never because Madame Carp is an evil scheming villain that intends to keep her working with her for "37 years." So one day while the girls are out in town for their own reasons, they meet each other and break into song (hey this is a musical, remember.) The night after they meet, Annaliese is kidnapped, but no one know who kidnapped her (except for the viewers because you can plainly see that Preminger's flunkies are behind it.) So now, Erika must take Annaliese's place until Julian can find out what really happened to her.

I loved this movie and I have seen it about 7 times, and the irony of the matter is that I don't have any kids, but I do sometimes recommend movies to my 5 year old niece who also loves the movie. The music can be corny, silly, and fun. But then again it can also be beautiful (I'm just crazy about that song "Free.") There is no violence, no cursing, nothing bad or scary. This is just the cutest film ever, and it even made me laugh! The only problem is that it isn't long enough. 75 minutes isn't enough for this gem.

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a wonderful presentation of Emily Dickenson, 1 February 2006

I saw this film at the Westchester Short Film Festival because I'm always interested in Short Films, and I saw this one. I thought that this film was perfectly directed and I was shocked to see that he hasn't done more work.

The acting was great from that little girl who played young Emily Dickenson and I think she has done a short film on trigger street called Mother Love. I thought the woman who played older Emily Dickson did a superb job and I loved her portrayal of Emily.

This film is highly underrated. It should get more recondition than it did.

not as funny as the show but see it anyway, 1 February 2006

I am a huge fan of Family Guy and I was a little disappointed with this movie. It isn't as funny as the show and that really bugs me. The first half of the movie is the best, the second half is OK, but the third part is just unfunny. The story is, Stewie Griffin mets a guy who looks exactly like him and travels through time into the future where he realizes that his future self is lame and isn't concerned with dominating the world, and Stewie Griffin being Stewie, he knew this had to change.

*SPOILERS* One thing I didn't like about this movie is that Glen Quagmire is written out around the end of the first part or beginning of the second. I was hoping he was going to have more to do as I think he is a funny character.

Another thing I dislike about this movie is that Peter Griffin just didn't make me laugh! He doesn't say one thing in this movie that is funny! I don't get that. The only funny thing he might have said is the joke about horses being bad people, but I'm not sure if that was him or Brian. *End Spoilers*

Fans of Family Guy, watch this movie because it can be funny at times, but people who are new to Family Guy don't watch this because there are a lot of inside jokes here that only Family Guy fans would get(greased up deaf guy, evil monkey, the little old man that is hot for Chris, etc.)

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I regret to admit, at one point in my life I liked this show, 1 February 2006

This show has got to be one of the most annoying things on TV. It's about three girls who are really secret agents and do secret agent stuff and always win in the end. It gets old really fast.

First of all, this show is lame and boring. The girls do karate moves that look amazing but around the 10,000th time they do a flip and a HE-YA, your ready to blow your brains out.

The girls villain at school, Mandy, is a stupid person that doesn't know how to talk. She says cheesy stuff and lingo that went out with member's only jackets. If Mandy was a real person and said crap like WHAT-EVA and TO-TALLY, she would never be as popular as she is in the series.

The spies, however are self center brats that live in Berverly Hills and are filthy rich and all they talk about are boys and make-up, except for Sam who is a class nerd and is little more modest than the other two air heads.

Just watch one episode, they're all the same.

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Well, the animation is better than on South Park, 1 February 2006

Drawn Together is a show about several cartoon characters who are spoofs of other cartoons (Captin Hero=Superman, Toot Brunstien=Betty Boop, Princess Clara=all the Disney Princesses, Foxxy Love=Josie and the Pussycats, Ling Ling=Pikachu from Pokemon, Wooldoor Sockbat=SpongebobSquarePants, Xandir=a video game character, and Spanky Ham=I'm not sure, I think Porky Pig?

This show can be funny, but it isn't all the time. Usually you'll laugh about two or three times per episode. The characters are likable in their own freakish way (I personally think Wooldoor Sockbat and Toot are the funniest characters.) Captin Hero tends to be annoying as he gets most of the spotlight in each episode and almost never is funny.

Watch this show if nothing else is on. You may be amused.

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Finally, Disney makes a good DCOM, 1 February 2006

When I heard the Disney was making a movie about kids doing a musical, I knew that I had to see what Disney would do with it. I thought it was going to be 10 times worse than what it turned out to be.

There are a few things wrong with this movie though. The girl who plays Gabriela is annoying and can't act. Her singing voice is good but it's not cut out for musical theater. Ashley Tisdale and Lucus Grabel had the best voices in the show and did the best job acting wise. Zach Efran did OK I guess but why didn't he do his own singing? Is he bad or something? If he is, why cast him. He isn't a big name, he wasn't the best actor and sometimes when he's upset it look like his lower lip is too wide and that he is trying to eat an over-sized lollipop.

The girl who played the conductor did the best job and I wish she had more to do because she is really talented. She did the most with her part than the other secondary characters.

As for the music, the songs go as followed.

Good Songs- Breaking Free, What I've been Looking For, Stick to the Statis Quo, The song Gabriella sings in the hallway (I don't know the name) and We're all in this Together.

Bad Songs- Getcha Head in the Game, Start of Something New, and Bop to the Top.

I don't recommend this movie to a hard core musical theater fan, because you may think it's too dumbed down for kids, but still this is a fun movie for anyone that wants to watch high schoolers put on a musical.

Superstar (1999)
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Are you kidding me? I LOVE this movie, 1 February 2006

This movie is the funniest SNL movie ever. Another commenter said it was just about better than A Night at the Roxbury, but I thought that movie was good too.

Molly Shannon delivers a great performance as Mary Katherine Galligar, the weirdo that has always wanted to be a movie star so that she can get a movie star kiss. I love all of the comebacks she makes because they are so out of nowhere and are original. Will Ferral is also a laugh out loud as the hot football player of Mary's dreams, Sky.

I saw this movie in first grade and used a few of the comebacks Mary made when I was having a fight with a mean girl in my class, and she never bothered me again!

****outta***** see this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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