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The spiritual value of this film, 26 January 2006

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I realize that it is against the policy of this site to comment on another individual's review, and so respectfully I will refrain from doing so.

The Judas Project was written and produced with the sole intent of examining the possibility of how our present world may have reacted to the arrival of Jesus Christ, the begotten Son of God, in the late 20th century instead of nearly 2000 years earlier. The significance of this film's interpretation is that the Gospel message of salvation is as relevant today as it has been since the initial earthly ministry of Christ. I personally saw no humor in the basic premise of the film, nor in any portion of the screenplay. I personally found the depiction of Judas very relevant to the common misconceptions of the need for power, and as opposed to compassion being an effective catalyst for invoking lasting and permanent changes in the heart of one truly seeking answers in a chaotic and confusing world.

The Judas Project is amongst one of my favorite Christian films, and I have shared it joyfully with many members of my family and church congregation.