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Differences between Paramount DVD and Japanese laser, 26 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

All right, not that anyone (other than the true-blue HammerHeads) really cares, but here's what we've got. I was comparing the Paramount R1 DVD with a dubbed version of the Japanese laserdisc, so these scenes may not be on the UK VHS either.

Changes or trims: (SPOILERS) 50 min: There is a doozy of a cut here, with Cushing's Dr. Frankenstein assisting Shane Briant with an operation by using his *teeth* to hold the stitching in place (as a result of his hands being burned, presumably from FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED's climax). I've seen this in stills, but never on screen.

52 min: couple of brief trims involving close-ups of an eyeball.

59 min: the skull-sawing sequence is trimmed.

1:28 min: throat slashing has a *tiny* trim.

1:29 min: Sequence with inmates tearing monster to pieces is trimmed, missing a particularly gruesome bit where someone treads upon a gizzard of some sort.

I don't know that it adds up to five minutes or not, but those are all the difference I noted.