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What a movie!, 10 January 2009

I just watched this movie at the Palm Springs Film Festival Premier screening and I recommend you all to watch, it is a great movie and I had the pleasure to see the Director and Erick McCormick talking about the movie and the making of this fantastic work. I will see it again when is on the movie circuit! The scenes really takes us back in time and the Cast did work their part really well too, the costumes. It's funny, entertaining and everyone in the Theater had the were really pleased and voiced out on their comments.

Worth Seeing everyone!


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An excellent movie, 15 January 2007

It is a touching love story. I am not a fan of Drama movies but this one is worth watching. I enjoyed to see the scenes from past and present as well as the actors portrayed very well the different facades of Brazilian society and culture. The events are played in a way that they connect very well. The main actor was excellent. The movie touches our heart with the events played and I am usually called "strong" because I wouldn't cry in movies but I definitely recommend you bringing a box of Klenexx if you want to watch this movie. It was a well deserved award as the best movie in the Canadian Festival in 2006. I would definitely recommend this movie and I would also consider in watching it again if I ever had the chance.