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A movie that needs defending, 20 August 2010

I don't usually bother with reviews but when I logged into IMDb and searched for Furry Vengeance I was astonished to find the movie was actually lounging in the bottom 100 of all time I was simply stirred into action to defend this movie. I have put two and two together and decided that the low rating this movie has accrued has probably everything to do with a bunch 20 something nerdy tech heads who have yet to enjoy the pleasure of having children, I watched this film with 3 young children of various ages and they had a ball as I did, there was several laugh out loud moments and not just for young children but adults too, but if you're a twenty something adult you might find it so uncool inverted commas! so seriously you view life. When you have children of your own movies like this will become so much more enjoyable believe me!. I'd give this movie a 7 rating from an adult with children perspective but I rated it a nine because the children in my presence absolutely adored it and would probably have gave it ten if they could rate it themselves. Some people should really learn to enjoy life sometime?

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Twist what twist, 24 January 2006

After hearing so much about this film from friends who had seen it in a movie theatre, words like brilliant, fantastic, greatest twist of all time spring to mine. So when it was released on DVD I was down to my local video store straight away to rent it. My wife & I sat down with great anticipation with our goody bag between us. When the film was over I looked at her she looked at me as if to say to each other what the hell was all the fuss over. I am no intellectual but I had Kaiser sose sussed after about 5 mins of the film, a 9yr old could have figured out the so called twist.I am Irish & I think Gabriel Byrne is a total ham his attempts at American accents (espeicially Millers Crossing are laughable) Colin Farrell puts Byrne to shame, and his American accents are very believable.