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They call him sasquatch 2003, 8 February 2006

I love slapstick comedies such as Airplane,hotshots,loaded weapon and scary movie one two and three. This was not one of them.It defiantly was a very very low budget film.I watched the whole movie from beginning to end and did not laugh once.Every once in awhile Id say Oh come on! Arrrgh and similar outbursts like that.When I rented it I originally thought that it was going to be a parody of the original sasquatch hunters from the movie sasquatch odyssey.It wasn't it was more like a group of people go on a easter egg hunt with sasquatch thrown in at the end.I guess if I were 13 I would enjoy this movie it seems like it was geared more towards a 13 year old audience.Clean humor is really hard to do so I would have to give them an A for effort in trying to be funny in a clean way instead of resorting to vulgarity like most low budget films do.

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Sasquatch Hunters (2005), 8 February 2006

Oh where to begin. The cinematography was great. When the movie first started because of the initial landscape scenes I thought that I was in for a good movie. Then the cgi Bigfoot showed up .It looked like a cartoon drawing of the Lion king and king Kong's love child.It totally took away from the believability of the character.Now I knew there wasn't a Bigfoot chasing people hiking around the woods for no apparent reason but a cheesy cgi cartoon.So from then on the whole movie was shot for me.The money they flushed down the toilet for the cgi they could of spent on a costume like roger Patterson did. His was the best Bigfoot costume ever no one else could match his.I am a hardcore cheesy Bigfoot movie fan and I was warned about this movie but my compulsion led me to watching this movie and I was disappointed like the previous reviews warned me about. I know after you read this review you will still say "I must watch Sasquatch hunters,must watch Sasquatch hunters." Then you will say why did I waste my good hard earned money on such a excruciatingly bad boring movie!

Out of Time (2003/I)
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Out of time starring Denzel Washington 2003, 8 February 2006

Every movie I have seen with Denzel Washington in it has been a good movie.This is no exception .What I liked about out of time is it had everything.It has great comic relief,drama,mystery and action.I really love movies that lead me in one direction and just when I think I have it all figured out wham! They throw a wrench in the cogwheel and everything is completely different then what I expected. Thats what happened in this movie I was not disappointed.This movie kept me entertained from beginning to the very end which is why I watch movies in the first place.If you like mystery comic relief and action then this is a movie for you!

Alaska (1996)
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Alaska, 22 January 2006

The cinematography

is very good in this movie they did a good job at the scenery. The acting is good and its safe to take a family to see this movie. If you are an action adventure movie fan this isn't a movie for you. The plot was pretty weak. I don't know why the poachers were in the movie in the first place they just didn't tie into the movie very well. I guess the only reason charlston heston was in this movie is because the director is his son. I think children under ten would enjoy this movie it seemed like it was geared more for a child audience. If you are a action adventure fan you wont like it at all.So if you have a family this is a movie for you.