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Some awesome big wave footage shot from helo's, in water...
21 January 2006
I've watched this video 1-2 times completely and then have watched specific scenes over and over numbers of times analyzing each wave and listening to the soundtracks. They are all so unique and so big!!!! The footage is awesome. Lots taken from helicopters which is ultra cool...

The footage from Teahupoo is insane. The conditions were so powerful, so hollow and pitching.

The soundtrack, "Look Out Below" in scene 15 shows big waves and big wipe outs. Awesome footage and soundtrack. Classic rock/blues sound of the 70's.

The soundtrack, "Thankyou" Good Lord, 50 seconds from the very end is awesome also. Again, classic rock.

Excellent video for the skateboarding generation, safe for kids...They will be inspired by the brave nature of the surfers. Since most kids are active, they can appreciate how difficult some things are.

The surfers in the video are the some of the best in the world surfing the biggest waves, with the best cameras...

Check it out.
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