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Detective (2005) (TV)
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A good vehicle for a fine actor., 17 October 2006

Being a Tom Berenger fan for many years, I purchased the DVD and enjoyed this "made from TV" movie a lot. Tom can play any role and was excellent as the conflicted man faced with ethical and personal problems. Scenes with Cybill Shepard and the marriage counselor rang true to me, as did those involving the priest-detective dilemma of this man's life. There was more to ponder in the story than just the murder mystery. The supporting cast, overall, was well chosen and the performances satisfying. This was one of those motion picture treatmentsof a novel which caused me to make plans to read Arthur Hailey's book. All in all, my impression of this movie is positive and I hope that you, the reader of this review, will give it a try.

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A surprisingly well delivered drama-romance., 6 June 2006

I was very interested to see that Senora Erez was both a co-author and producer of this this movie. The plot brings out the human plight of undocumented workers who seek only a better life. We see Sra. Erez' impact through various scenes depicting the personal, emotional and every-day similarities between Caucasians and Latinos - showing so clearly we are all the same. The story was very interesting and exciting and the love story arc very believable. I think most any viewer would enjoy this modest movie and appreciate the good performances of all, especially Sra. Erez and Brad Johnson, plus the even, skillful direction by Martin Spottl.

Sharpe's Sword (1995) (TV)
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Sharpe series favorite, 21 January 2006

I totally agree with the in-depth review already submitted. This episode of the Sharpe series is my all-time favorite and the character of Lord Jack and the performance by James Purefoy have become a must -see every few months or so! I own all fourteen of the Sharpe series and annually play them in sequence. James Purefoy's portrayal of the tragic figure of Lord Jack and the tension-fraught scene in the library are worthy of any first-line production in the theater. You can tell I am a huge Sharpe fan (Sean Bean being the ultimate action hero of all time!) and I really feel sorry for people who have missed this engrossing and intelligently researched and produced series! Bernard Cornwell, author of the novels from which Sharpe is taken, is an outstanding writer and I recommend his other works to all. If you are a reader, try one of his many engrossing historical novels.