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The world of tech companies. Seems that behind the facade of innovation and tech savviness resides a world of egomaniac passive-aggressive geeks with a payback agenda. Some of the best movies about entrepreneurship and the dangers involved in succeeding too fast. The boom-and-burst cycle might curse you.
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A selected list including social engineering, mind control, dissociative disorder and mind programming. All surrounding the concept of what is reality. To my comprehension "reality is a shared perception". To know reality we need at least one other person to confirm it. Tricky, isn't it? Mind can be hacked and reality can be relative. As Noam Chompsky argues in Manufacturing Consent. If you control the ideas of a person you do not need to control his body by force. If consent can be manufactured, reality can be manufactured too. Sounds like pure manipulation? How we know we are not already programmed to believe what we believe and to see things they way we see them?
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Drugs and sex can lead your life to the ruin.
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Why the world is in economic crisis and financial turmoil rules the world. Greed for money, greed for power.
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Mexico's downward spiral is tainted with corruption, social racism, misery and ultimately with lot of blood.
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Good cops and bad boys