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List of recently watched movies, series, animation, VOTED with 7 and more.

This list is made to be personal reminder of good movies in a sea of ​​disgusting Hollywood productions (Although there is some good).

List is ongoing and every single movie that is premiere for me and deserves to be here will be added.

Maybe movie is watched, but here is just a 7EVEN's.

My system of voting:

(10) Masterpiece in any way for everyone.
Everyone should watch it.

(9+) Masterpiece in any way, maybe not for everyone.
Does not need to be on every shelf.

(9) Great film, personal masterpiece. Pure recomendation.

(8+) Excellent movie, maybe some minor flaws, maybe some
dishonesty, calculations or compromises. Maybe is just
a feeling. In self genre a real achievement. Pure

(8) Excellent movie, maybe just not shoot for more,
In self genre a real achievement. Recomendation

(8-) Real good movie. Best that could got of that. In self
genre a real achievement. Personal recomendation.

(7+) Above average and more. We got some meaning and
emotion more, not just genre movie that is beautifully
shot. Very watchable. Personal recomendation.

(7) Above average, watchable.
(7-) Watchable in self genre. Just little miss to be above.
Wrong choices and direction.

(6+) Maybe watchable like genre movie. Chewed so many
times before. Films for rewind button. Mindless.

(6) Just boring. Films for rewind button. Mindless.
(5) Barely literate, boring. Maybe is good on bad way.
(4) Half-Literate or watchable as funny thing.
(3) Not watchable.

Also, sorry for my english and all grammatic mistakes.
Regardless, think that meaning can be seen.
Cheers and enjoy the list!
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By DIRECTORS: List of HIS best movies, 7 and + only(rest is lowest or not watched) On number one place is by my opinion his best and in comentary line is list sorted by rating (movies that I don't watched yet is noted)