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The sweet perfume of Marcel Proust..., 18 January 2006

I have seen this film by accident on TV5 and with a little bit of suspicion. Making a film on Proust is for me a kind of sacrilege... But much to my surprise this film captured me. It really moved me and made me cry...

It tells the story of a clumsy kid, living in the bar of his parents, in the turn of childhood, showing no particular skills in literature, who discover by chance "Du côté de chez Swann" and became writer for the love of his mother. It is all at once funny and profoundly moving.

By the way, it isn't a film on Proust but it succeed by times in capturing the enthralling and delightful fragrance of the writer of "La Recherche du Temps perdu" famous for his never-ending phrases... The film also shares the deep faith of the writer : the beloved being never dies until their memory is still alive...