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Brilliant episode, 20 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode is brilliant. There has not been anything that didn't fit in this episode. It contains all: humor, romance, good music, ambiance, it's great!

And about the storyline.The tension of asking yourself if the private life is going to be revealed in the press is good to watch. But it keeps you waiting for a future episode to actually know what will be exposed in the media. It makes it exiting to watch. It has another reason: It makes it even better to see some progress between the two on the end of the episode, especially while hearing Sting's great music! Very good job getting him on the show, it resulted in a very good one.

Truly Disappointing..., 13 March 2007

This season gets more disappointing every episode. With this episode as ultimate disappointment. Look at season 1 and especially to season 2 and 3 and compare... Where are the strong plots, where are the surprising endings, where are the deep messages embedded in those seasons episodes? I really hope the quality will improve again from now on, because for me, this was the most disappointing scrubs episode in the history of the series, that is why I am commenting.

Don't get me wrong, Scrubs is (or maybe 'was') one of the best series (I won't call it a sitcom) I have ever known, but this is a sign that it might end up very bad for this series, especially when Zach Braff will leave after this season. (which is not sure yet, only a rumor)

Let's hope for an improvement and a couple of blasting, touching and deep ending episodes for season six, so that Scrubs can continue to be made for another 3 or 4 seasons or so, on its old, season 2&3-like level of complication.

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The acting was good. The plot was INCREDIBLY unsatisfying..., 21 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, this was a disappointment. I expected totally nothing of this movie, then I saw it could be interesting for me when I saw Nola appear (You know, I am a man...). When the incredibly long paced story continued, and Chris kept promising Nola that he would tell his wife (wich lasted TOO long), I saw it could be interesting when he would leave her.

I began thinking of a plot where the family would do anything to ruin their lives and so on. And suddenly, he grabs a shotgun, and KILLS the only reason why I should watch more of this movie, since I was getting bored of the endless babbling about telling the wife. And come on! Killing the woman who is bearing your own child? Who would ever do that.

Then, the only reason to watch the movie more, was waiting for revenge on Chris. And I thought I got what I wanted when she came back to him after she died and promised revenge. "Yes! The cop thinks he did it too!" I thought after seeing him wake up. And 10 minutes later, the movie comes to an end, which is probably more unsatisfying thing I have ever seen.

Don't get me wrong, the acting is good, the plot is interesting, but the satisfaction factor of this movie is close to the absolute lowest temperature (which is-255 degrees Celcius, for the chemics)

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If I didn't watch the show for its very interesting psychological turns, it would be because of the very pretty ladies, 17 January 2006

I love this show. Though it might sound kind of stereotype. I think Ashton Kutcher has done a VERY nice job making this show. I can't wait until I can watch season two too.

And about the candidates, well, some of the girls are pretty dumb, but certainly not all of them. I thought Mindi and Caitilin were certainly NOT dumb, kind of smart even. Caitilin (season 1) looks so pretty, so what do you want more to look at on TV? Also I found it very amusing to look at the show and be amazed about Richard and how a guy could EVER be so weird.

If I didn't watch the show for its very interesting psychological turns, it would be because of the very pretty ladies.