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Akayla (1991)
Comic and entertaining !
1 April 2006
Akayla was one of the movie Amitabh Bachchann did before his retirement to America in the early 1990s.The movie brought two of the greatest pairing in Indian cinema Shashi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchann after a very long time.The film also stars Amrita Singh, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Aditya Panscholi and not to forget Kawanljeet in crucial roles.Akayla is the story of a hard hitting cop Inspector Vijay (Amitabh B).He is a loner in real life and smart,witty an intelligent when his work is concerned.In a supermarket robbery he catches the culprit (Keith Stevenson) whose identity couldn't get proved in the Indian law court.From there on the culprit and Inspector become enemies as the story unfolds.The villain the culprit is the villain of the movie whom Vijay has to finish and bring justice to the society.Akayla is the story of how a smart Inspector brings justice with the help of his friends and family.The movie is one of the best movies of Amitabh Bachchann if not the best.Also it is written by Salim Khan who once penned the 'angry young man' image of Amitabh Bachchann in the 1970s.8 out of 10
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Water (I) (2005)
The worst Indian film.
26 March 2006
Deepa Mehta's Water was known among Indian masses for igniting protest from the political groups of the city Varanasi, the place where the film was being shot.The groups protested the depiction of Hindu women in poor light.Earlier in Mehta's career another film of her's Fire was as well protested for showing the existence of homosexuality in Indian society.Water is the story of Hindu widows who crave for their political freedom in an ignorant caste ridden society.They are bound to live a life of seclusion where they can't meet men and often are confined to strict religious duties.It's not really a plight to see the characters portrayed in the film, in fact it's a plight to see a film consisting of a superficial storyline, actors who seemingly are there to selfishly call them international and to say what ? earn ! as well as a product of a director who states her anxiety over her film's sufferings from the political ideologies but indirectly announces on the DVD of her film how one of her country's political leader hates her for being so openly against him making her efforts so indeed famous ! Water probably is the worst film export from India to any other country of the world.Although the film has a superb cinematography but it doesn't help much as the story is terribly written, the screenplay too immature and a bad direction.The actors are there just to fill spaces no doubt why it's original cast never took an interest in it after the film was shelved for time being.It's really depressing as to know that the educated, audience from the developed countries outside Asia couldn't really sense the film's failure to convey it's message to them as well as the foolishness Deepa Mehta has served to them all in the name of cinema and Indian cinema as whole.Two out of Ten.
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