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Absolute WORSE Limitless episode to date, 22 January 2016

What the heck were we watching?! It's like the show was written by a kid (which may have been the point, but it made the show suck bad). If this is any indication that the show writers have ran out of ideas, then I may need to rethink how much I like this show.

Let's replace every reference of bad things that occurred during the show with dumb non-related crap and call it a wrap. I could see the writers occasionally having the main character have flashbacks like he did, but to subject the viewer to such inane garbage throughout the entire episode really ruined it for me, regardless of how the rest of the show came together.

Dumb, dumb, dumb...

Unfriended (2014)
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Terrible Movie!, 18 April 2015

First and foremost, ignore all the reviews stating how wonderful this movie is and focus on the real reviews by people like you and me who are not affiliated with the film or its production.

The movie is terrible, it's like sitting around watching people text and chat over the Internet and that is it. There is no real action or movie elements, just Skype and IM on Macs (Apple commercial anyone?). This movie was so bad that we watched 25% of the people in it leave after the first 25-30 minutes, then another 25% left between then and the end of the film(?). Ridiculous film, good premise but poor execution and lack of any true film elements relegates this to the bargain bin before it even hits the store shelf. Save your money and see pretty much any other movie that's at the theater other than this.

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Decent action movie that loses itself halfway through, 25 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, overall this was a pretty decent action film and all looked well up to half-way through the film. It was at this point the writer MUST have forgotten he had elite men in the special forces as the main characters. Why do I say this?

*** SPOILERS *** How is it that almost the entire team gets wiped out by the end and the waifish reporter is the only one that initially makes it out? The film will boggle your senses as you see the "elite" making some major boneheaded decisions that end up in them getting seriously injured or killed. Secondly, how is it that out of the entire team NONE of them carried any type of mass-injury inflicting devices; i.e., grenades and claymores (okay, they had at least one... but JUST one)??? You can clearly see the grenade launchers attached to their weapons, but not once do you see them use it.

Finally, the thing that really kills the movie is the entire lack of credibility given the shear numbers of "taliban-types" involved in the movie. You'd think they were like cockroaches hiding under every stone, nook and cranny... not to mention they never seem to die. When they initially go in to rescue the reporter, the team killed practically ALL of the taliban in the small hideout, then the leader shows up with maybe 10-12 more. The team ends up dropping at least half that number but the taliban keep increasing in numbers as if they're spawning in a freakin video game!!!

Then, when the choppers come in for extraction, do they have ANY type of air support at all? Nope, and a easily shoulder-launched rocket takes one out before they're even in the zone. Does the commander; er, admiral, send in another, better prepared extraction package? Nope, pretty much just leaves them s.o.l. Total b.s. and the lack of skill shown by the special forces team made it even worse. Not to mention the cost of lives just to save one reporter from a tenacious antagonist that proceeds with one-track terminator-like intent... not even worth it!


I kept wanting to just shut off the film after seeing all this b.s. just keep popping up, yet forced myself to finish the movie just to see if things ever got better. Nope, never did... suck waste of time. The film shots were nice, but there was hardly any dialogue total lack of character development. Watch only if there's nothing else on and you need an action movie fix (though, suspend rational thought when you do so). Not terrible, but not good either.

Crushed (2009)
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Decent thriller/horror flick though lacking in areas, 30 January 2010

This movie wasn't too bad for a low-budget thriller/horror movie. There were buckets of blood/gore, tons of maiming and a lot of sick sadistic acts perpetrated by the main psychotic freak. What really killed the movie the most for me, though, is how much of a weak pathetic loser the guy is portrayed as. He has many opportunities to take the chick out in the movie, but since he's such a pathetic wuss you'll find yourself yelling at him to grow a pair and do something besides being a tool. They should have picked an actor more congruent to the role, the actor here is a pretty decent size guy and yet he can't take out a little 115 lb psychotic chick when he has the chance (and he has many!). GROW A SET OF TESTICLES MAN!

Anyway, as I said there is a ton of gore, the story is quite intense and for the most part the actors do a good job; the problem for me is the absurdity of the guys situation and how he handles it... or in this case, fails to handle it.

Would I recommend it? Yes, it's a good ride and has decent shock value. The story is decent enough to keep you there, if only to see what she'll do/get away with next. Another thing I'd like to know is how when she's cutting people up she only gets blood on her face and nowhere else...

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Terrible acting & just plain bad script, 28 July 2009

Ugh. This movie was pretty bad, but if you like B or grind-house-style movies then it might fit your taste. I don't mind the occasional B-flick, but grind-house/70's-era cheap pulp don't satisfy. The storyline of this movie was terrible and the acting was straight-up high school special! The way Eve carries out her hits is laughable and the fight choreography is wooden and contrived. Then there's the knife-scene... come on, really are you friggin kidding me?!?! Terrible and boring movie.

Save yourself the time, get a different movie from the bargain-bin this will be in and save yourself the time/$5. Also, ignore the 10-star ratings, they must have some kind of invested interest in the film or are stuck back in the cheap cinematography days. Note to self... If all of Ed Brubaker's films are this bad, I need to remember to pass on any films bearing his name.

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Ughh, terrible on most accounts., 31 March 2009

When I first heard of this mini-series, I thought it sounded pretty cool and having Christopher Lloyd was a potential bonus... wrong! It was just plain bad and waaayyyy too long at almost 3 hours, sans commercials. I endured through it to the finish but it was tough, the acting was pretty bad and the special effects were a bit below-par for a SciFi channel original (not sure if it was, but it smelled like their work).

The story was so-so but everybody seemed to have pointy teeth (what's up with that?! Did they get a special on vampire fangs or raid the Buffy set?) I felt like I was watching Xena, Hercules, or Flash Gordon (the new one that sucked so bad I couldn't even bear to watch it). I don't really like these kind of chinsy films with lousy acting and back-yard special effects, so to me it wasn't fun.

If you do like those TV series, then this one might be right up your alley, but I didn't think it was very good at all. You've been warned...

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Cross between Shaolin Soccer, Enter the Dragon and The Last Dragon, 29 March 2009

Overall this was a pretty good movie, though Japanese actors tend to over-act their parts too much making me want to punch the character Minmin on many occasions!

The title of my review pretty much sums up what this movie is about and how I took it. There was some fun action scenes that really keep you involved, but they are more over-the-top than the much better movie "Shaolin Soccer." A lot isn't explained in this film; i.e., they'll show you something, leave it alone for a long time (sometimes never addressing what it was all about) or just show you some arbitrary scene just to fill time.

I liked the film and think that anyone who wants to see a fun film in the similar vein of Shaolin Soccer or The Last Dragon should check it out. Don't expect anything too serious and try to ignore the cheesy acting you get from some characters. Oh yeah, a more apt name would have been "Shaolin Lacrosse" instead of Shaolin Girl, because that's pretty much what it is, like mentioned in the trivia facts on this site.

The Falling (2006/II)
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Could have been a good film..., 16 November 2008

Hmm, where to begin... I'll start with the good, it had a good storyline and some of the shots were nice. That's about it.

On to the bad... ugh, this was a tough pill to swallow. Let's see, the acting was by far the worse I've seen in any film to date. Nine times out of ten the dialog comes off as if it's being read straight from the script without any tonality or acting whatsoever. None of the people in the movie could act, period. It was terrible, but I forced myself to watch it to the end. Special effects... there really weren't any short of cheap colored contacts and a little fake blood. It was kind of funny watching the "angels" sit there unblinking with their green contacts. Haha! I got a good laugh at the main angel and his attempt at seriousness.

The story was good, but there were a ton of preaching undertones to it. I could almost imagine watching this film with my church youth group way back when.

All in all, decent storyline hampered by people that hadn't the first clue about acting and zero SFX. Would I recommend it? Probably not, there are too many other good films to see instead of wasting your time with bad films. The caliber of this film was in line with what you see with fan-made films; i.e., interesting story but terrible acting.

Spiral (2007/I)
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Too drawn out, ruined what could have been a good movie, 14 September 2008

OK, we got JP from Grandma's Boy and Chuck from, well Chuck. I thought this movie would be quite good based on the reviews, and it did start out pretty high on my movie scale, but about halfway through it was just dragging out for so long I kept losing interest. I actually got so bored, probably because you can see right away what's going to happen in the end; the story is actually quite thread-bare, I skipped over 15 minutes and didn't miss a thing! This film should have been a short work, maybe around 45 minutes to an hour max. It starts out good and finishes good, too bad the filling is bland, boring, dull, and lacks everything but time. Some people say they like it for the music; I don't care for jazz and I don't go see movies for their score, I go for the story and when that's drawn out... well, ratings drop in my book.

Bottom Line: Good open, great close, boring filler. Story was cool, but if you don't know what's going to happen a quarter of the way through, you haven't seen too many thrillers.

Slipstream (2007)
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Strange, yet no real redeeming qualities; i.e., a big dud, 11 June 2008

I actually had quite high hopes going into this movie, so I took what was given with a grain of salt and hoped for the best. About 1/3 of the way through the film I simply had to give up, quite simply the movie is a mish-mash of stuff happening for no apparent reason and it's all disconnected. I love movies that make you think, but this movie was just a bunch of ideas thrown together and never really connected.

Don't think it's David Lynch-esquire as some would have you believe, it is nowhere near that realm other than some trippy visuals. Saying it's artsy to disguise the fact there's no apparent plot or story is just a manner or justifying why you wasted the 1.5 hours in the film. The acting was good, but that cannot save lack of story. I do agree with the one comment posted previously... "it's like being in some other person's head... while they're on drugs," in other words nothing makes sense.

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