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Some actors get less praise than they deserve, some get more than they're worth... this list is about the latter group.
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When you're an actor there's a thing known as the 4th wall, it's that invisible barrier that actors use to separate themselves from the audience. it creates a separate reality and is why we feel like we're watching someone elses life. However sometimes the characters (Or the actors themselves) break and tell us something directly or do something to break the boundaries of a show... this is a list of some of those moments.
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Just a few TV shows that where fantastic, but ended before their time should've come.

NOTE: These are shows that I have seen, if there's a show you think ended too soon and it's not on this list then it could be because I haven't seen it or I just didn't like it
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Every so often a TV show comes around that has one episode where the characters break into song, this is a list of the best of those episodes.

Please note that I'm putting musical episode that I've seen on this list, if your favorite isn't on here it isn't because it's bad (Necessarily), it's probably because I haven't seen it. Also note that when I say WORST SONG I don't mean that the song mentioned sucks, I just mean that it's the weakest song of the episode.
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People who turn in great performances but rarely get awards for their work