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"New Girl" (2011)
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This show deserves a better review and a lot of love!, 5 October 2011

The 1 star review that shows up when I looked this up on IMDb is ridiculous! I watch quite a few shows (way too many) and this one genuinely gets a smile on my face without cheap tricks, fake laughter, annoying punchline tunes trying to convince me what just happened was funny.

The main characters in this show are already memorable in the pilot, they just have chemistry straight away. A lot of shows that I really love now didn't start off as well as 'New Girl' has for me.

The 'formula' feels fresh to me, I haven't seen this show before in another form and I absolutely love Zoey in this. Her personality in this show is exactly why I fall in love in real life. Just watched the third episode and I'll be sure to tune in next week!

"Mental" (2009)
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Mental Pilot, 4 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't believe the very negative review earlier so I had to write something as I really think people should give this show a chance. All the other nice shows are on summer holiday and this is really a very enjoyable show with a nice cast and a great theme.

Also the show tackles some very important issues that prevent people from solving problems in real life because of bureaucracy, rules and being disconnect from really caring because of the workload and losing touch of the things that really matter..

The show is funny, witty and I thought the Pilot was more than enjoyable and the people that haven't seen it can't be the one telling us it's no good! (ratings are overrated ;))

Give this show a go, I am giving it a 10 out of 10, I think it's an 8 at least but the 1 star given by my fellow reviewer is ridiculously unfair!