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Unforgettable series but where is it now?, 19 May 2010

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During the opening scenes every week, Annie yells over to Bullwinkle, "Ahoy Bullwinkle, you old baboon!" prompting Bullwinkle to reply, "Annie, I'll get even with you if it takes me the rest of my natural life!"

This series was filmed in Toronto which was the stand-in for the fictional locale of "Secoma." I watched it religiously every week when I was a kid in the late 50's and the reruns in the early 60's.

As a prime example of early Canadian television comedy, why has no station picked it up for reruns? Why is the series not available to purchase for home use?

I agree an update could be made but it should be possible to re-master the original series. Somebody must know where it is archived.

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Movie tries to do too much - fails on many levels, 29 March 2009

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Some good effects in the battle scenes overlook the fact that other movies before this one did a better job sticking to the actual history. Few people research historical documents and Hollywood knows this, which is why they are able to abuse artistic license this way. So if you are looking for historical accuracy this is not your movie. If on the other hand you like a half-decent love story, lots of eye candy of both genders and good war action scenes, this flick is for you.

The story centers on the relationship of the two main characters played by Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett, who grow up in time to go off to join the Army to be combat fighter pilots. With the U.S. on the sidelines, one of the newly-minted pilots goes off to fight for the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain. Important plot complications arise from his action, as he is shot down and no one either in England or Hawaii knows his status for months. He reappears in Hawaii just in time for Dec. 7.

The scenes involving the actual attack do a good job of portraying the chaotic effects upon the military and civilian populations. There are realistic scenes in the harbor among the damaged and capsized ships that may be disturbing to younger viewers. There is also no shortage of the carnage at the hospital, in the city and the airfields, although not too much of the bloody raw liver and hamburger variety.

The aftermath of the attack and scenes related to immediate retaliatory action against Japan seem anticlimactic and abbreviated to the point that they are made almost gratuitous. This movie turned out to be more of a mini-series condensed to fit an extended format DVD. For that it suffers by telling portions of the story to a greater or lesser degree, that looks like it was rushed to print. Some good footage and passable acting was squandered to put this film together.