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En filmliste dedikeret til Shelley Duvall.
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This list includes movies from China, America, England, Soviet Union, Africa, France, Scotland and Spain. Movies of the 80's were political. Mao and Franco were no longer leaders. The cold war was over and in America greed was good. Muratovas movie 'Dolgie Provody' was released after 10 years, spending a decade in the dust because of its political controversy. Directors showed interest in colors and pictures instead of plot and story. 'Flashdance' was influenced by MTV's fast pictures and had mere impressionistic images. In 'Videodrome' a man is having sex with his TV. The connection with the screen is sensuel - a glimpse into the near future. Leos Carax had a blind woman and a drunk man dancing on Pont Neuf to "Fight The Power" by Public Enemy. Revolt was is in the air in the 80's...
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The most influential american films from 1930-1945, based on directors, stars and genre.