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Blatantly Inconsistent, 19 August 2009

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I would have given this movie 7 or maybe even 8 stars if not for one HUGE inconsistency in the movie: The characters who end up being the killers are completely inconsistent between the 1st and 2nd halves of the movie. For example, they have multiple "secret" conversations with just the two of them trying to "figure out" if one of the other couples could possibly be the murderers. They make comments such as "It really could be them", and imply that they really think a specific couple is the murderers. This is completely inconsistent because if they were alone (and they were the murderers all along) then why would they feel the need to speak like this to each other all by themselves???? It does not reconcile. The only reason was to "trick" (or basically, lie) to the audience by making them completely different characters half-way through the movie, and ignoring everything they might have lead us to believe about them up to that point, whether it makes sense or not. I love a good plot twist, but when the writer/director has to lie and make the characters inconsistent like this in order to do so, it really turns me off of the movie.

Other than the above, the scenery was unbelievable and makes me want to go to Hawaii very badly, and I thought the acting was terrific.

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The best movie EVER made, 1 September 2008

Mission Impossible III is without question the most amazing movie ever made in the history of film. The plot has the perfect amount of twists, the special effects are off the hook, and situations played out in general are just spectacular.

Mission impossible II was also very good and so was the first, but in my opinion the 3rd one is just so heads and tails above the other two that there is just no comparing them. There is some pretty tripped-out special effects and technology in this film that really get you thinking. It is great. The entire cast is outstanding as well.

This is one of those movies that I could watch every night for a month and not get tired of it. I don't really care if Tom Cruise is "crazy". He was absolutely at his best in this movie and did a great job. If you have not watched this yet, do yourself a favor and go rent it tonight. You will not regret it.

Hostel (2005)
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I walked out after 15 minutes, 13 January 2006

It said on the rating that their was "sexual content". Well, after 15 minutes and seeing 15 different naked bodies, including pictures of 5-8 people piled performing an orgy, I walked out. What a waste of money. Whoever gave the MPAA rating description screwed up bad on this one, how about a little warning of "nudity"? How am I supposed to know that "sexual content" means full out naked orgies? Other movies have this same description have no nudity and but implied sexual themes. Who knows if the rest of this movie was good, I just couldn't get past the first 15 minutes of filth. Save yourself sometime and just go rent a porno or surf the web for a snuff film or something.