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Very Disappointing Sequel, 4 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a truly bad sequel to the inventive and imaginative 'Cube'. It just feels like a made-for-TV, straight to the DVD bargain bin rehash of the first film. It doesn't have any atmosphere - getting rid of the dark metal and coloured lighting makes it look more like a trendy wine bar than a twisted death machine! Plus, why are the characters so unafraid? Kate (the psychotherapist) constantly smiles and acts like they're on some kind of office team-building event. It almost seems like waking up in a cube is not a new or frightening experience for them, "oh, right, we're in a cube again, how boring".

Another major problem with the film lies in the main 'psycho' of the group Simon. He is basically a replica of Quentin the cop from the first Cube, but without any of the character development or motive. In the first film it does seem a little extreme when Quentin starts murdering people but at least he's had a few arguments with them first. Simon just starts killing people for fun - you can't kill an old woman because her Alzheimer's annoys you!! The film disappointed from the start. In the original there was a gruesome death scene within 2 minutes of the start. In 'Hypercube' the intro sequence is a boring overhead shot of people lying in hospital beds and then you have to wait an hour for the first death. Overall the film feels like a bigger budget, lower impact remake/rip-off of the original with no excitement, enthusiasm or interest.