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Yet Another Cult Classic to show your friends, 12 January 2006

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I watch this movie religiously with my close friends. Several "household" quotes of ours come from this movie. "Count with me" followed by the wacky hypnotism hand movements performed by Braden. Hilariously funny to the point of absurdity. I'm not even gonna comment on the "artistic vision" plot, or storyline of the movie in that I didn't care for it....All I cared for was the amazingly bad acting that made such a great laugh out loud movie for me and my friends. DO NOT watch this movie and expect an edge of your seat thriller or a "how'd he do that" Karate movie...(Well...with the exception of the giant Indian jumping 5 stories and hitting the main character with a crate) Watch it for the sheer pleasure you get in pointing out the horrible acting to your friends and making fun of it for years to come..."We don't need the police...No..WE DON'T NEED YOU!"

Waxwork (1988)
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An Instant Cult Classic!, 12 January 2006

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This movie is the perfect addition to any cult collection. It's one of those movies that's so cheesy (no doubt due to the timeframe in which it was created) There were many scenes that were hilariously funny due to the absurdity. When the rich kid was sitting at the table with his mom and he says "When are you gonna let me have coffee?! I NEED THE CAFFEINE!!!" It was soo great...but all absurdities aside, There were many great tributes to famous horror films and legends. I was particularly intrigued by the portrayal of the Marquis De Sade...Most of the performances in the movie were rather bad, but it all adds to the appeal of the movie as a "let's sit around and laugh at this movie" Check it out with some friends, Surely you'll have some good laughs! (9/10)

Bongwater (1998)
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An Excellent Movie in the Correct State of Mind, 12 January 2006

As opposed to the comment on the front page, this movie is no doubt ingenious. While, admittedly, I STILL don't know what the hell was going on in the movie, I watch it often with a select group of friends under special circumstances no doubt. You can't watch a movie like this and get the full enjoyment unless your state of mind is..."tuned" for it. Under correct circumstances, this movie will have you asking all your friends "WTF was that?...." Somebody that watches this movie didn't decide to watch it based on the cover, They decided to watch it based on the title....In other words, If your a part of the "stoner" culture, this movie is a must-see....