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Mad Max (1979)
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The Number 1 movie in my Aussie Collection..., 26 January 2006

If you ever wondered how Mel Gibson became so famous, it can be found in the watching of this Aussie Icon film. As the main character of this futuristic Australian landscape film , he takes you on a ride into the wastelands of roaming biker gangs who cause havoc on everything in their path. Eventually the storyline narrows into a vendetta between Max and the bikers after they murder his wife and child on the highway. Max and his companion police officers use the full extent of their iconic Aussie muscle cars in police livery to hunt down these rogue bikers and try and restore peace to the little towns in the bikers paths. Very notable acting also can be seen from others such as Steve Bisley as the Motorcycle Cop "Goose" and Hugh Keys Byrne as the Head Biker "The Toecutter". This film created an Aussie Cult only rivaled by Star Wars fans... and regular events and collectibles are had by many devoted MAD MAX fans from all round the world. The replicas of the original MAD MAX car featured in the film are now sought by many overseas and local collectors, and fetch as much as $85000 Aussie dollars for a car that was originally sold for around $8000 in its day. Forget Hollywood Mel Gibson , you made it here in Australia !

This film was wasted on the American public ... who got to see a dubbed version of the film which took all the reality of Australia outof the movie. The landscape and action of the film are all real , and thus you would have to be a true Australian to see the reality of it all. Understandably Americans have no idea of reality when it comes to their Hollywood fake films , full of computer animated scenes , and mindless rubbish. Give me an Aussie film with real people and real scenery anyday...


Its a cinematic CRIME that they are not making MAD MAX 4 : Fury Road.

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True Aussie dilemmas of the young and in love !, 26 January 2006

It doesn't matter if you like teen movies or not , once you have seen the Aussie version of this genre you will forget all the rest. Ben Mendelson and Claudia Carvan make you fall into the plot as a teen couple from different sides of the school yard who eventually fall in love. However , as with all teenage boys , Danny Clarke (Mendelson) cant resist the fallacy of having to find a way to impress the girl and win her love, and you guessed it , it involves a CAR ! A jaguar no less ! Anyway , with the help of his friends they get the car of his dream only to realize that they have been ripped off by the car yard he bought it from. Needless to say, the girl is not impressed by cars, and the resulting chaos of getting back at the car dealer ends up in a hilarious comedy of everyone chasing each other around. I still remember this film as the one that made me fall head over heels in love with Claudia Carvan.... Didn't You ?

Cosi (1996)
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Funnier than you could imagine - too good to miss !, 26 January 2006

This would have to be a classic Aussie film starring a well known cast of exceptional characters. Ben Mendelson leads the cast as a theatric writer and actor who becomes a staff member of a loony bin , and undertakes the role of helping a group of patients to put on a benefit show for the institution. Other notable iconic figures such as Barry Otto , Rachael Grffiths , David Wenham , etc... play the roles of the patients who ultimately through one disaster after another, achieve to perform the great operatic work of the famous 'Cosi fan tute'.

If you are a truly dedicated Aussie movie collector , then you should have already seen this one , but if not , you better not take too long in getting to your local video store to grab a copy.

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Family in the true sense..., 26 January 2006

A very special Aussie film dealing with the strains of gay males and society issues in their path. Top performances by Russell Crowe and John Polson , with monumental support from legendary icon actor Jack Thompson as the understanding and supportive father. A must see film in my book , as reality meets society , with a realistic feel for todays cinema.

Unlike many other of Crowes films , this one is very serious and addresses very real issues in todays multicultural society , and especially the gay movement of Sydney , Australia. This film hits the viewer head on with the unknown side of single sex relationships , and their effects on both family and friends.

Buddies (1983)
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Excellent Film .... Pity the owners of the rights wont release !, 26 January 2006

This film has been a favorite of mine for over 20 years. I have been to the area this film was made in many times and fossicked for sapphire's, getting a few nice gems. I have tried relentlessly to get a copy of this on DVD or VHS. The national archives for Australian Film in Canberra have told me that the original owner of the rights to this film had not originally released it for sale on these formats. This person has since passed on , and now his family who retain the rights have declined to allow reproduction of this truly Aussie Icon Film. I believe that their doing this is a complete insult to us all, by denying us the opportunity to see this film again. Something should be done about this, as it is a must see film, not to mention the good it could have done for our tourism industry.