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Megaman (2010)
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Remember, it was a non-profit exercise and it turned out quite well., 17 January 2011

First off, I'm a fan of the game series from Capcom, Mega Man, the story of a blue robot who began his life as a lab assistant to the goodly Dr. Light. When Dr. Light's old acquaintance and partner stole the original six robot masters in the first game, Rock, as he was known, chose to become "The Blue Bomber," Mega Man.

This movie follows the plot pretty much to the letter and doesn't deviate from the source material. I was impressed with the fact the director could pull off CGI as he did that was as good as anything you see on a made-for-television movie and even added in a great soundtrack (albeit taken from other films) to blend into the story.

My rating however, comes with the following complaints.

Non-profit or not, the acting could have been a bit better. That said, that could be easily fixed with a little more editing. If those two things could be rectified then this movie would be an excellent addition to any movie collection, though in my opinion it is regardless.

The fight scenes were a bit bland, but they weren't the worst I've ever seen. Also, the character of Dr. Wily steals the movie completely. It was awesome as an experience to see Mega Man come to life on the computer screen, acted by a real person and not talking like a child.

I give it a 7 out of 10, and it's well deserved.

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Horrible, 10 May 2009

OK, so most video game movies suck but usually have some kind of redeemable quality.

Super Mario Bros. - Tried to at least take it in a new, more interesting angle which didn't involve going castle to castle saving Toad repeatedly.

Hit-man - tried to amp up the realism in the action, while making it a fun and suspenseful movie.

Double Dragon - .....ok I got nothing.

This movie though, DEAR LORD! I don't know what Uwe Boll was thinking at the time, but for goodness sakes why? Why? WHY?! An uneducated person must've written this, and decided to give it all the suspense and action of a kindergarten class, which if you're a teacher can be quite scary! Add to that the redundant cuts to clips from the video game itself (which happen at random intervals for no apparent reason) and you've got a steamy turd lying in your yard waiting to fertilize the grass...unfortunately it doesn't and just sits there continuing to be steamy.


Spooky, cheezy and fun, a good trip into nostalgia and a helluva lotta fun!, 7 March 2009

I obtained a copy of this recently as I had been looking to add it to my collection for some time now. I must say revisiting this movie was quite a delight! A revenge story with a good plot, though some may disagree with me on it, it was. Add to this the budget of $35,000, the small crew who worked on the film (the credits at the end of the movie contained a bunch of made up names so as to not have to repeat the same people over and over again) you must admit that given all of these factors they turned out the best product they actually could at the time.

The cheesiness of it all actually makes the movie charming, with a story that at its roots has a real telling of the love of two brothers, wronged by their father and the doctors who didn't have any care to what Duane and Belial wanted, and so the duo set out on a mission to avenge themselves against those who hurt them the most.

Bad acting, bad cinematography and bad music, all combine to make this movie a one of a kind. Better than the sequels, you don't need to miss it!

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A wondrous moment in my cinematic experiences, 1 March 2009

For myself, as a child three movies stand out as ones which I loved to watch over and over again. They are The Red Balloon, Popeye, and of course this one. Set against the backdrop of Christmas it follows the adventures of one small girl as she befriends a group of friendly, though mute, monsters who enlist her aid in obtaining their voices back from and evil witch.

Do the monsters look scary? No. But that's part of the magic of this movie! Seeing it as it was meant to be though through the eyes of a child.

Only lasting about an hour or so in length this movie is a wonderful trip through some of the more exotic locales in New Zealand and even after seeing it years later it still hasn't lost its magic touch.

I anxiously await seeing it available on Netflix!

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The Dark Knight Did Return, 15 February 2009

Picking up where Begins left off we find Batman (Bale) still learning from his mistakes but still wiser still as he continues his personal vendetta against the organized crime within the city's structure. Enter into the fold Harvey Dent (Eckhart) as the new District Attorney of Gotham who wants to help clean up the streets as well and together they, along with Gordon (Oldman) face off against the mob.

Meanwhile, due to their efforts, a criminal mastermind known only as The Joker (Ledger) comes onto the stage and pushes the trio to their limits as he seemingly causes rampant mayhem all across town, all the while spouting about his "no-rules" mindset. Recruited by the mob to "Kill the Batman" the viewer is left to see there's more to him than originally thought.

In talking about Ledger's version of the Joker I have to say he's no better and certainly not worse than Nicholson's version in 1989. More so his version is in line with what we see the character as today, and his evolution in the comics has played nicely into the evolution within the films. Ledger's version is eerily similar to how the Joker was portrayed in the series "No Man's Land," as well as "The Long Halloween." Truly we have a Joker on screen who's more sadistic and crazy than ever before and one the world is finally ready to see.

Add to the mix Michael Caine who is incredible as the conscience of Batman/Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, and to great avail Maggie Gyllenhaal taking the place of Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes, and you have a great cast with an incredible movie. All I can say is that Chris Nolan leaves you wanting more and more each time he makes a movie, and this one is no exception. Trust me, if you're one of the few who've not yet seen this, get ready for it. It'll blow you away!

Rambo (2008)
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They said he couldn't do it with Rocky Balboa, he did....and then did it again with Rambo!, 17 January 2009

I've been a fan of Stallone's for years. He plays the underdog so well, from the Rambo series to Rocky, from Lockup to Over the Top....Stallone is an awesome and versatile actor. He even did a good job with Judge Dredd in my opinion.

The newest installment of Rambo finds John living in Asia as a snake hunter. Commisioned to bring Christian Missionaries to Burma, he is again enlisted to save them after their capture by the corrupt military.

Showing he has truly aged, he does get help in this one from an unlikely band of mercenaries, who at first see Rambo as nothing but a regular boatman. Surprisingly, he proves them wrong and shows the world Rambo is still able to do what he does others and survive as well.

As he says in the trailer, "Killing is as easy as breathin'...." and watching this movie will bring a smile to your face every time, I guarantee it.

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Herbert West, MD and Convict, 11 January 2009

Set in a prison, Herbert West has been incarcerated at last for his crimes in the Miskatonic Massacre and has been so for over a decade or more.

Enter the young, enterprising Dr. Phillips, the new resident doctor for the penitentiary's. Years earlier he witnessed West's experiments and has sought him out to teach him about his work. Together, along with West's new discovery of NPE (Necro Plasmic Energy) they turn the prison upside down.

Great performances which shows Combs can very much act, and is easily on par with Englund as Freddy Kreuger, this is truly the role for which he will always be remembered. Check out the sadistic warden who wants to make sure West never sees the light of day again, and also for all you girls out there offended by the original's "head scene," you get your vengeance in this one.

I give it easily 8/10 stars, and for a straight-to-DVD-release, it was very well done. Positive: good pacing, good story, very good continuity. Negative: if you've not seen the previous installments, then you need to watch them prior to seeing this one, it will make more sense to you (or maybe not, considering the endings to the last two....) I recommend this title to any horror fan, and hope to see them make the next one soon.

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Very depressing waste of time, 4 January 2009

As far as Michael Meyers and the Halloween series goes this movie leaves a lot to be desired in terms of pacing.

Jaimie Lee Curtis is back and its discovered by none other than her brother, Michael, who tried to kill her 20 years before, that she now lives and teaches at a preparatory school in California. Michael, in true fashion, shows up to try to finish the job he began years ago.

With the absence of Dr. Loomis (granted, Donald Pleasence did pass away) the movie was better off leaving it at 6 movies instead of adding this one to the line-up. LL Cool J, while funny, comes off as nothing more in this movie than the token black guy who, as a security guard, is just basically paid to be friends with the kids.

Positive: The kills are fairly realistic, and the movie has good potential to take its ailing storyline and make it something better. Negative: It just never does. At times I'm sitting here watching it and wondering when and where the action will begin.

If you're a die hard Halloween fan, this one is sure to make you're collection complete. If you're a casual horror viewer, avoid it, there are better ones in the series than this.

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A truly stand-out show, every episode is wonderful, 3 January 2009

Of all television shows I rank this, House MD, and maybe 2 more out there as the best ever. Six Feet Under is one heck of a show that gets you involved in many levels, not many programs can do that.

The story centers around the Fisher Family and the way they each deal with death, from the beginning to the very end. I won't spoil anything for you, I'll just say that each person throughout the show grows as a human being and becomes better and better at what they set out to do. This show also has what I consider to be an honest and sincere way of looking at death, which ultimately comes for us all.

If you get to watch it in its entirety be prepared, this has the best finale for a series I've ever seen before.

Hitman (2007/I)
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Felt like it was straight out of the game, 19 March 2008

As a fan of both games and movies I'm highly reluctant when they decide to make a movie of one, especially one I like to play. Example: House of the Dead. But this was no Uwe Boll shlock and when I watched this today I was pleasantly surprised as it held onto what made the games so appealing to me and many others while telling a real story about Agent 47, his planning of a job and how he carries it out, and a great story (slow at times) but good nonetheless to carry him through.

Raised from birth, Agent 47 (played well by Olyphant) is the most skilled of skilled assassins in the world. When given his latest hit against an up and coming Russian President he find himself set up by his employers and pursued by both Interpol and the Russian government. Along the way he meets the typical hooker with a heart of gold and together they try to discover who and why he was set up in the first place.

I must say I enjoyed this movie for many reasons. Yes, the story is a little to be desired but it was well played in the action sequences and even sometimes a little gory but there is a lot of realism to me in it. The hand to hand scenes are well done and Olyphany really pulls off the character of Hit-man as seen in the games. Many times I felt as though I was watching the video game itself come to life with the camera angles, the tactics used and the pace. I definitely enjoyed the way they pay homage to the character as well! My only complaints are the constant changes of scenery and locale, and the interactions between the main characters at times did seem a little off for what would really happen. But in the words of Howard Stern I guess sometimes you just have to suspend disbelief, sit back and enjoy the show.

If you want a good action movie this is definitely one for you.

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