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As one who took part in the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 I feel..., 28 October 2006

Hello and greetings to all of you visiting this preview...

As one who took part in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and have studied the cause and aftermath thereof, I find the film is an excellent retelling of the events of those days. What makes it specifically valuable, that it was created by non-Hungarians, young Americans without bias Hungarians might have had. The outside onlookers, a far later generation with the objectivity of the time lapsed since, who had to do a lot of research and studying.

This film is considered by many, historians and participants alike, as one of the most historically accurate documentations of the events leading up to the revolution, and the days thereafter.

The underlying story of the Melbourne Olympic Water polo "fight" between Hungarians and Russians while the first war between Socialist Countries, Hungary and Russia was still being fought in Hungary, gives it a social value, interest created by the sport, without emphasizing the street-fights and killings.

To see and hear Mark Spitz at the Los Angeles showing of the film was an extra great bonus. I sure hope, it will be available very soon on DVD.

Colin Gray and Megan started to work on this project about five years ago, with the hope to complete the film for the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight.

They did succeed, and congratulations and "Thank you" is well deserved and in order from all of us, who were part of that Revolution, to all of those who helped create the film.