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Humor with brains that lands somewhere between (or on top of) Monty Python and Tarrantino, with backing from a maxed out credit card., 10 January 2006

An entertaining, budget-challenged satirical short that lances the development side of Hollywood and the on-camera foibles of "the business" with equal aplomb. "Paddy" delivers a pseudo mockumentary style account of the making of a genre-bending Medieval action flick. Like all good satire, it demands a bit of knowledge about its subjects. The humor doesn't lie merely in the Medieval spin (just kitting people out in Medieval garb alone in some quarters is perceived as "funny" -- it isn't), but in knowing some actual historical facts of the period beyond the superficial aspect that they wore chain mail and brandished swords. Fun stuff that occasionally threatens to be silly, but in an acceptable, live theater kind of way. And endearing in its reach on a significantly sub-Peter Jackson budget.