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Bad Ronald (1974) (TV)
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Lost TV Movie Horror Classic!, 26 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ahhh The ABC Friday Movie of the Week! If you couldn't get a date, at least they had something decent playing on the boob tube! Okay! I was only twelve yrs old when this gem came on T.V but boy, I remember that this movie creep-ed me out so much--The noises in the attic and taps on the wall kinda made me wary that I may not be alone in my house after all.

Anyway, the plot is simple. Ronald is a shy awkward, sort of geeky high school boy that is taunted by one of the pretty popular girls one afternoon. He lashes out at her in anger by striking her, she accidentally falls hitting a rock killing her instantly. Horrified, Ronald confesses the crime to his widowed mother, who wants desperately to protect her only son by hiding him from the police. She fixes up a false room accessible by only a small door and she is somewhat successful until she finds out she has to leave him because she needs a surgical procedure. All is planned until her return, but what she didn't plan on was dying on the operating table. Ronald is therefore left alone on his own devices wondering where his mother is. He finally reasons out the truth when a new family moves in the house that she is dead.

Poor lonely Ronald now is in a mess. He steals the family's food and possessions to survive. He doesn't leave because he does not know where to go. But he then grows somewhat mentally twisted from his loneliness. He starts spying on the family more in a not so nice way-especially the young teen aged daughter. He begins to equate her with the girl who originally bullied him. Will Ronald go...well bad...and something awful will happen? I wish this film would be shown again because I'm sure it will become a cult favorite. If anyone does see this listed, I heartily recommend seeing it.

Mahogany (1975)
Wooden Mahogany, 12 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I remember this movie when it came out in the 70's....the main song "Do you know where you're going too..." was VERY popular. Did this movie make the same perfection...ehhhhh....Wellll....

Okay! the plot is one that has been done over and over in movie history. Tracy, a poor black girl from the Chicago projects dreams of being a super model fashionista designer who wows them in the four corners of Europe. Her super designs gain the attention of a high fashion photographer played by Anthony Perkins....I know I the past there has been some gossip about Mr Perkins real sexuality but supposedly he is playing a heterosexual (he says)and he is VERY interested in Tracy. But Tracy has another admirer played by Billy Dee Williams who aspires to be a helpful Politian for his community. And I do remember Billy Dee was advertised as major dream cake during his period of fame.

But when Tracy receives an offer to go to Rome with Anthony Perkins and become a major super model known as Mahogany, she leaps at the chance even though she regrets leaving her boyfriend, Billy Dee behind. But both go to follow their dreams like a moth to a flame. Tracy's career takes off as a super model-her designs are somewhat excepted but it is her modeling as "Mahogany" that is successful. Anthony Perkins becomes obsessed and too controlling and Billy Dee's political career falls flat but he learns to accept and work with failure. It is here we have to ask that same question as they did in Broadway. "Will Success spoil Tracy Hunter?"

The acting is very wooden and campy. Diana may belt out a song--look beautiful in fashionable outfits but sorry, the girl is not the best actress. In most films, Anthony Perkins plays the psycho characters---here you will not be disappointed. And Billy Dee Williams is the male dream cake as always.

Much better movie than The Wiz, Diana Ross fans will love it. if you are also a fan of the chi chi high fashion model scene--you'll love this Valley of the Dolls type drama. So go enjoy this kitzy campy glossy film---it's good for a soap drama!

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Wild West Virginia!!, 3 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One night I was bored out of my skull with the TV Cable----900 channels and nothing was worth watching! Then I saw Mountain monsters and they had the Fire Dragon episode. Well, what the heck-sounded more interesting than the everyday rerun.

First, Growing up in nearby state of Maryland, I have always LOVED folklore stories. Mothman, Bigfoot, even the Grafton Mosnster I heard it all. A lot of the mountain stories are bogey tales to keep the kids at home. What I saw was six guys running thru the woods chasing a legendary "monster" like the Three Stooges. It was like watching a train wreck that you couldn't turn your eyes away AWESOME!! The other weird thing is the characters of these sons of West Virginia seem to grow on you---sooner or later, you kinda get to like them! I mean, haven't you ever known someone like Wild Bill (I had a lovable neighbor like him) Yes! I do agree that the show is just pure hokum! They never caught any monster except some pig that they claimed was "Hogzilla" I just see this program as the old ghost or monster stories that I used to know (there are some I never heard of--The bloodless howler, for example) But just take it what it is---entertainment--possibly a satire of the Bigfoot documentaries. A Hillbilly mind's eye view! So stoke up the fire! Relax! and let the Monsters begin!

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But NEVER refer to them as "monkies", 21 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Escape from Planet of the Apes is probably the most memorable and beloved of the Ape series due to the likable characterizations of Corneilius and Zira.

And even though there are many unexplained plot holes in the film, it makes enjoyable viewing. The acting is good, but the script is sometimes corny. But through the cornball script we learn more about the characters--Zira loathes bananas-Corneilus hates boxing and violence and speaks only "when(Zira)she lets me" and the word "monkey" is a insulting slur! Which brings up to the opening scene. A spacecraft washes up off a LA beach thought to have been commanded by Col. Taylor (Charlton Heston)---How it got thru the time travel to Earth is unknown because we saw it sink to the bottom of the ocean in the first epic. But we digress--there are three apes found in the ship-Corneilius, Zira and Doctor Milo, a friend and colleague who was a genius who half understood the ship (smart ape) Unfornatly, Dr Milo was played by Sal Mineo who could not tolerate the make up was written off early by dying in a tragic accidents.

So the tables are now turned again---the humans rule! Corneilus and Zira are now on the other foot of the spectrum They are immediately befriended by a couple of animal scientists and a circus owner who takes them under their wing. They are peaceful creatures and they are soon befriended by a scientist couple and later a kindly circus owner. They are treated very well in the beginning-almost like pets until the paranoia starts to settle in a bit. The humans learn that the Earth was destroyed by a ape war--were they responsible? The final nail in the coffin is that they learn Zira is pregnant with child. Will their descendants take over today's ape and then the world? It is later heightened when Cornilius accidentally kills an orderly who playfully calls Zira's baby a "little monkey" (gasp!) So now the two apes and their baby become the hunted. Can they escape once more? It is interesting to note that when this film was made, abortion was a very hot topic with the Roe vrs Wade decision. There are many references and morality questions asked throughout the film. Could this have influenced the plot? Of course, when compared to the 2014 Planet of the Apes, most are unimpressed. But keep in mind that the make up was VRRY revolutionary for its time in sci fi films. The film reflects A LOT of the seventies in style and thought. It does have a very sad but shocking ending--see the film for some good time traveling.

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The Partridge Family Meet the Jetsons, 10 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay! I can understand---your TV show gets canned so what are your options.....that's right! A CARTOON!! But did they have to follow another classic cartoon like The Jetsons? Because of this The Partridge Family 2200 AD looks like a show just trying to cash it in on a previous success.. The original cast members do the voices except Shirley Jones and David Cassidy who must have recognized a bomb when seen. And for some reason (probably a legal one) Shirley Partridge is now Connie Partridge. Well, they try to spice up the cartoon with all the nifty tricks and mechanisms that the Jetsons have but it simply doesn't work due to the bad animation, story writing--even the laugh track is weak! The songs are made to sound a little more futuristic but bad all the same! Because there are few episodes this may be hard to find in stores.... If you are a hard core fan, you may enjoy it--but otherwise it is just EL Stinko!

The Fog (1980)
Avast! and Shiver Me Timbers!, 1 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Love to gather round a fire and tell a good ghost to scare the skivvies off the kids? How bout a good Sea Ghost story....with a thick fog bank curling outside to add the creepy setting. Welcome to The Fog!!

Which is what happens---the setting for the trap is done--a sea captain tells a bunch of kids a ghost story about the town they live in--the town's people murdering a bunch a leper sailors who were ship wrecked--and much worse---the town minister steals their gold and fashions a gold cross out of it. Next thing--lights go on and off, cars will start by themselves...Yep! there will definitely be trouble coming! and something....yes...something dangerous is out in the fog...

The success of The Fog is based on it's creepy setting. When the fog bank and chilling wind rolls in, the audience seems to feel it. Adrianne BarBaiou does a incredibly sexy performance as throaty town disc jockey. Jaimie Lee Curtis who is starring with Mom (Janet Leigh) gives good scenes also. The special effects are minimal but are effective---lots of loud noises and window/light breaking. The only bad thing is the script can get campy at times.

So pop the popcorn! The Fog makes a good Halloween treat!

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It's War, so it's upsie daisie Maisie!!!, 22 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Swing Shift Maisie is one of those screwball comedy films made in World War II that cheered people up thru those perilous times.

Maisie Revere, aka Mary Anastasia O'Conner, the stage performer with a heart of gold is at it again! This time, after a dog act literally breaks up and she is down on her luck, she is taken under the wing of Breezy Maclaughlin (James Craig) an aviator who slightly resembles Clark Gable and struck by Maisie's pretty "Snub nose" face He gets her a job in the aviation plant as a Riviterand room at Ma's Rooming House. Breezy, of course is a gentleman but it is very soon that he and Maisie become attracted to another. After a quick friendship, romance blooms between the duo until a sweet face, but devious girl named Iris comes into the frame. Iris seems to be a girl badly in need of a friend and Maisie could never, ever not lend a helping hand. But after she saves Iris from a "suicide", it becomes clear that Iris is becoming involved with Breezy more and more. Maisie begrudgingly accepts defeat and gives up Breezy because she is a true and blue friend to Iris. But is Iris a loyal comrade also? And does she have other designs on her mind?

Movie viewers will get a kick out of the witty, snappy dialog and plot intrigue. They may also get a glimpse of women and the wartime and the problems that they may have faced. Working the swing shift at the plant, keeping yourself occupied while your soldier was away in battle. I have a feeling this film was more or less to cheer up the people during the horrors of war like a USO show.

So pop the popcorn and go back into the wartime world with Maisie. It is a cute film with a happy ending

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How do you solve a problem like The Sound of Music!, 6 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The promos blared it everyday! The Sound of Music done LIVE!!! Sheesh! You think that they discovered uranium! Needles to say, this was the most heavily touted program on TV. Was it worth the Ballyhoo?

Weelllll....yes and no. This was a production that was in heavy competition with the film starring Broadway's royalty, starring Julie Andrews. Carrie Underwood who took the role of Maria can belt out any tune-Pop, Country and Broadway. But as a actress, I think she needs a wee bit of polish---not that it was bad, but she seemed a little wooden or nervous. But her stiffness may have given her character a little bit of youngish shy charm. Ms. Underwood may also look like a blond Germanic woman but her mannerisms and voice were more like American. I don't know how to describe it, but Julie Andrews is better at European roles ---possible because she was born in Europe.

One other difference performing the musical in a studio is that wide open spaces are hard to find. They did make creative and good use of setting, however it lacked the luster of the location shots from the movie. Also, for dancing scenes it is very hard to choreograph

The rest of the cast performed well--The Von Trappe children sang beautifully but I considered Gaylord Von Trappe (the father) a little youngish looking not like the older Christopher Plummer. And yes. I did see one minor player flub his lines (of course, we were really looking for that) Audra MacDonald, who played the Head Abbes gave a beautiful performance singing the most difficult song "Climb Every Mountain" And I know I will be criticized as racist---but there was no African American nuns found in Austeria----casting for just political correctness.

But all in all, The Sound of Music does not measure up to their predecessor but still enjoyable to watch---and I'll sing once more....

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It's HAMMER TIME with the Dr. J.!, 18 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hammer Studios were probably the king of producers for Gothic horror flicks. Well known for their creepy sets that produced movies starring monsters from classics (Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman & Mummy) the studio churned out these movies every year usually with success. So why not a movie starring the famous mad scientist, Dr. Henry Jeckell from the Robert Louis Steveson classic story?

However, like most Hammer films, they like to put on their own little spin to make the story a little less redundant. In The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll, the character is regarded as a quiet nebbish type scientist who speaks in a soft voice. He is also already married--to a beautiful redhead wife, who unfortunately is only concerned about her selfish whims and presently carrying on an affair with his friend. The friend, Paul Allen--played by the immortal Hammer studio star, Christopher Lee is a scoundrel who gambles away his money, and like Henry Jekyll's cheating spouse--only concerned for his own pleasures. So of course, this leads to poor Dr. J's disastrous experiment, which he transforms into a handsome but the cruel evil rake, Mr Hyde. Like Clark Kent in Superman, no one usually recognizes or connects the two men together. But the evil Mr Hyde takes the tortured Dr Jekyll to London's pleasure houses and commits various cruel tricks on people. Mr Hyde also makes Dr. Jekell confront that his wife is a no good cheating woman. But as you may guess, Dr. Jekyll loses control of his alter ego, and that's when the serum literally hits the fan.

This movie is well acted but it seems to lend sympathy to the character of Dr. Jekell. He seems to be so tortured by his wife infidelity but lacks the strength of character to confront the problem. But again, we have to agree as mad scientists go---it really is his own fault that these tragedies happen.

Not a bad flick, if you like the Hammer Film genre--I'd say it's a good bet for a late night popcorn viewing

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A Trailer Comic Romp, 16 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you love I Love Lucy, The Long Long Trailer will be a delight for you.

I don't know why but Lucy and Desi were one of the best paired married (in real life) male/female comedy teams. In The Long Long Trailer, they basically play the same Lucy/Ricky role. The only differences present are the slight character name changes (Tacy/Nicky Collini) Nicky is still the same macho Latin but Tacy is more neurotic. Tacy like to collect sentimental mementos ----like rocks and homemade jams and souvenirs from the places she and Nicky visited. Kind of showing some bad hoarding mental issues BUT it's because of her romantic heart and to retain those special memories with Nicky is the reason why she does it.

Anyway--when Tacy and Nicky marry, they come up with the bright idea of getting a trailer.....Nicky favors the saving money---Tacy likes the romantic idea of a cozy love nest on wheels...more places and more mementos to pick up as they tour the U.S. Hilorious scenes come from this idea which I'm sure that EVERY trailer owner has encountered. Getting lost, narrow mountain roads, high rental camp ground rates and yes....trying to cook that perfect romantic dinner in the trailer while the husband drives those bumpy roads (I think it is in some states against the law to ride alone in trailers) but what the hey---IT'S FUN TO WATCH!! Of course, the plot is not really there but these sight gags are just there to show the humorous side of situations in a marriage. The good and the bad side of marriage---will it work? But Love conquers all in the movies!---So if your looking for a Lucy/Desi film that is away from the I Love Lucy apartment---no Mertz's in this one....see it and enjoy!

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