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A Deadly Blind Man's Bluff, 27 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Anyone ever wonder how a blind person "views" a movie?

I have been dating a blind guy for some years now. What you would do is get a device called "audio description" (ask for it at the box office.) It is required by ALL theaters to have it due to the Handicap Law. But sometimes--theaters do not and it doesn't always work. It is about the size of a Walkman and descriptions are given to the wearer about the scenes and action going on in the movie. If you are taking a blind person---They definitely WILL need this device.

But "blind date" heard about the movie and wanted to "see" it. Don't Breathe is a movie that contains a lot of action and plot twists. The movie action and scenes move very quickly and to the point. Three punk teens are involved in a burglary ring. They make there vocation by breaking in homes, robbing and vandalizing them. For some reason, I don't know how but because of their lives--one girl named Rocky, a struggling abused single mother, one boy named Alex who lives in the shadow of his successful father (who owns a burglar alarm business--it's how Alex gets his info)and one common thief named Money that you tend to feel that they are somewhat justified for their crimes. But Alex gets some info about some blind war vet with a lot of money in his house. Perfect score, right?

WRONG! the blind vet turns out to be a homicidal maniac who is driven mad about the death of his daughter. The blind guy is VERY skilled with a gun and he uses his other senses to survive this home invasion. It I definitely no cake walk robbing this guy.

My blind date was amused somewhat about this blind vet turned into a "Super Blink" He knew just how to protect himself and he did no the basic skills they teach the blind for everyday life. (Blind people listen very accurately and count steps and doorways in homes.) The violence is there---by today's standards and the gore factor is slim but the action twists and turns are abundant. Maybe a lot of hokum --killing people and beating them and they STILL get up. I won't give away the ending--for some reason it give me a strange feeling--but I can see a sequel possibly.

So I would recommend it--good summer suspense that is not boring.

Classic Spagetti Horror, 24 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was only a year old when this movie came out and about seven years old when I saw it on the Late show.---Yeah! I was one of these sick lil kids that adored monster and horror movies.

Black Sabbath is an Italian based movie that has been dubbed into English. I often wondered how the heck Boris Karloff got involved in such a project, but he and the movie don't disappoint with the chills.

The movie is composed of three separate stories ala Tales of the Crypt like with the infamous voice of Boris Karloff as part narrator. The first story, A Drop of Water really gave me the coo-hoonies as a kid. It has a Gothic scary atmosphere with the old plot that "crime does not pay" after a nurse steals a dead woman's ring. The second, The Telephone is similar plot but more of revenge from the dead ploy. The third, I Vderlack written by Tolstoy (REALLY, he wrote a vampire story!) staring our own Boris K, is a campy, but creepy vampire tale.

So if your up to just some plain chills and thrills or just a Karloof fan---try this, maybe with the lights out and enjoy!

For Keeps? (1988)
Sex and the Teen Age Psyche..., 12 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"For Keeps" is not a totally bad movie show boating the challenges facing two oooey gooey teens in the arms of passion and in love & just trying to raise a family in modern times.

But there are some awkward and sappy moments. First, I can't describe it here, but to those who have taken sex-ed classes in school....The opening credits scene just leaves me with uncomfortable image...But we see two small town teens that you know will end up with a unplanned pregnancy because they are making out like rabbits.

Which is what happens....along with some sappy dialogue and those awful cliché moments, Darcy and Stan live the bitter with the sweet. Trying to fight the world, but you know it will turn out o.k because these crazy kids are just too much in love.

Despite the corny situations and scenes, it does show a perspective on teen pregnancies. In my opinion, I think life is a lot more tougher in the cold cruel world, but what the heck! it's only a movie

Sugar and Spice....., 27 February 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Bright Eyes is a film that probably made Shirley Temple go to that height of her career by performing her iconic song "The Good Ship Lollipop" And like the song, the plot, the acting and just Shirley---are so sweet you just may get diabetes watching the film.

Not to say that this type of diabetes is not enjoyable. It just fits into Shirley's character. "Shirley" (yes, that is her character's name) is an adorable Lil moppet whose attractive mother works as a maid for a snotty family named Smith (Please! pronounce it as Smythe!) I think I heard the person who wrote the screen play based this story while growing up, the Scottish maid in his home had a sweet little daughter about Shirley's age. Shirley's deceased father who was a pilot, died in a crash. But not to worry---His father's friends, especially best friend "Loop" treat Shirley as their own daughter by showering her with attention and presents. Sweet, unspoiled Shirley is surrounded by other love--The Smith's family invalid uncle who is charmed by the little girl as well as the servants and Loop's ex-girlfriend.

You know the sugar-now here is the spice. The Smith's daughter, Joy played beautifully by Jane Withers is a Super Brat! But such a brat that you'll love the performance that she unintentionally steals some scenes from Temple. It was said that Jane Withers got the part of Joy because she could make the noise of a machine gun.

Then,tragedy strikes! Shirley's Mom is killed in an accident. And during the joyful season of Christmas as well....Now, poor Shirley is an orphan. What will become of Shirley? Who will adopt her? So, if you need a little sugar, Sail abroad the Good Ship Lollipop and prepare to tug at your heart strings.

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You're invited to a Wedding!!, 20 February 2016

Father of the Bride is a classic tale of what one might suffer when planning a family wedding. And people who have planned their weddings or been in one can cherry pick many comic foils that you may see in this film.

The story is about just that. .A simple tale which happens in about every family. Proud papa, Stanley Banks (Spencer Tracey) is now faced with the upcoming preparations of his daughter, Kaye's (Liz Taylor) wedding. It is Murphy's Law running downhill from then on. Expenses keep mounting, families fight over the trivial matters of Wedding dates, reception costs and mounting invitation lists. And from a hot mess, we create the perfect beautiful wedding. Liz Taylor always looked stunning as a bride and you will not be disappointed.

A lot of people prefer the remake starring Steve Martin because this event is set in 1950, But it is a classic to be enjoyed because everything that is "old" never changes. So enjoy the show and hope you are the one to catch the bouquet.

Bad Ronald (1974) (TV)
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Lost TV Movie Horror Classic!, 26 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ahhh The ABC Friday Movie of the Week! If you couldn't get a date, at least they had something decent playing on the boob tube! Okay! I was only twelve yrs old when this gem came on T.V but boy, I remember that this movie creep-ed me out so much--The noises in the attic and taps on the wall kinda made me wary that I may not be alone in my house after all.

Anyway, the plot is simple. Ronald is a shy awkward, sort of geeky high school boy that is taunted by one of the pretty popular girls one afternoon. He lashes out at her in anger by striking her, she accidentally falls hitting a rock killing her instantly. Horrified, Ronald confesses the crime to his widowed mother, who wants desperately to protect her only son by hiding him from the police. She fixes up a false room accessible by only a small door and she is somewhat successful until she finds out she has to leave him because she needs a surgical procedure. All is planned until her return, but what she didn't plan on was dying on the operating table. Ronald is therefore left alone on his own devices wondering where his mother is. He finally reasons out the truth when a new family moves in the house that she is dead.

Poor lonely Ronald now is in a mess. He steals the family's food and possessions to survive. He doesn't leave because he does not know where to go. But he then grows somewhat mentally twisted from his loneliness. He starts spying on the family more in a not so nice way-especially the young teen aged daughter. He begins to equate her with the girl who originally bullied him. Will Ronald go...well bad...and something awful will happen? I wish this film would be shown again because I'm sure it will become a cult favorite. If anyone does see this listed, I heartily recommend seeing it.

Mahogany (1975)
Wooden Mahogany, 12 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I remember this movie when it came out in the 70's....the main song "Do you know where you're going too..." was VERY popular. Did this movie make the same perfection...ehhhhh....Wellll....

Okay! the plot is one that has been done over and over in movie history. Tracy, a poor black girl from the Chicago projects dreams of being a super model fashionista designer who wows them in the four corners of Europe. Her super designs gain the attention of a high fashion photographer played by Anthony Perkins....I know I the past there has been some gossip about Mr Perkins real sexuality but supposedly he is playing a heterosexual (he says)and he is VERY interested in Tracy. But Tracy has another admirer played by Billy Dee Williams who aspires to be a helpful Politian for his community. And I do remember Billy Dee was advertised as major dream cake during his period of fame.

But when Tracy receives an offer to go to Rome with Anthony Perkins and become a major super model known as Mahogany, she leaps at the chance even though she regrets leaving her boyfriend, Billy Dee behind. But both go to follow their dreams like a moth to a flame. Tracy's career takes off as a super model-her designs are somewhat excepted but it is her modeling as "Mahogany" that is successful. Anthony Perkins becomes obsessed and too controlling and Billy Dee's political career falls flat but he learns to accept and work with failure. It is here we have to ask that same question as they did in Broadway. "Will Success spoil Tracy Hunter?"

The acting is very wooden and campy. Diana may belt out a song--look beautiful in fashionable outfits but sorry, the girl is not the best actress. In most films, Anthony Perkins plays the psycho characters---here you will not be disappointed. And Billy Dee Williams is the male dream cake as always.

Much better movie than The Wiz, Diana Ross fans will love it. if you are also a fan of the chi chi high fashion model scene--you'll love this Valley of the Dolls type drama. So go enjoy this kitzy campy glossy film---it's good for a soap drama!

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Wild West Virginia!!, 3 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One night I was bored out of my skull with the TV Cable----900 channels and nothing was worth watching! Then I saw Mountain monsters and they had the Fire Dragon episode. Well, what the heck-sounded more interesting than the everyday rerun.

First, Growing up in nearby state of Maryland, I have always LOVED folklore stories. Mothman, Bigfoot, even the Grafton Mosnster I heard it all. A lot of the mountain stories are bogey tales to keep the kids at home. What I saw was six guys running thru the woods chasing a legendary "monster" like the Three Stooges. It was like watching a train wreck that you couldn't turn your eyes away AWESOME!! The other weird thing is the characters of these sons of West Virginia seem to grow on you---sooner or later, you kinda get to like them! I mean, haven't you ever known someone like Wild Bill (I had a lovable neighbor like him) Yes! I do agree that the show is just pure hokum! They never caught any monster except some pig that they claimed was "Hogzilla" I just see this program as the old ghost or monster stories that I used to know (there are some I never heard of--The bloodless howler, for example) But just take it what it is---entertainment--possibly a satire of the Bigfoot documentaries. A Hillbilly mind's eye view! So stoke up the fire! Relax! and let the Monsters begin!

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But NEVER refer to them as "monkies", 21 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Escape from Planet of the Apes is probably the most memorable and beloved of the Ape series due to the likable characterizations of Corneilius and Zira.

And even though there are many unexplained plot holes in the film, it makes enjoyable viewing. The acting is good, but the script is sometimes corny. But through the cornball script we learn more about the characters--Zira loathes bananas-Corneilus hates boxing and violence and speaks only "when(Zira)she lets me" and the word "monkey" is a insulting slur! Which brings up to the opening scene. A spacecraft washes up off a LA beach thought to have been commanded by Col. Taylor (Charlton Heston)---How it got thru the time travel to Earth is unknown because we saw it sink to the bottom of the ocean in the first epic. But we digress--there are three apes found in the ship-Corneilius, Zira and Doctor Milo, a friend and colleague who was a genius who half understood the ship (smart ape) Unfornatly, Dr Milo was played by Sal Mineo who could not tolerate the make up was written off early by dying in a tragic accidents.

So the tables are now turned again---the humans rule! Corneilus and Zira are now on the other foot of the spectrum They are immediately befriended by a couple of animal scientists and a circus owner who takes them under their wing. They are peaceful creatures and they are soon befriended by a scientist couple and later a kindly circus owner. They are treated very well in the beginning-almost like pets until the paranoia starts to settle in a bit. The humans learn that the Earth was destroyed by a ape war--were they responsible? The final nail in the coffin is that they learn Zira is pregnant with child. Will their descendants take over today's ape and then the world? It is later heightened when Cornilius accidentally kills an orderly who playfully calls Zira's baby a "little monkey" (gasp!) So now the two apes and their baby become the hunted. Can they escape once more? It is interesting to note that when this film was made, abortion was a very hot topic with the Roe vrs Wade decision. There are many references and morality questions asked throughout the film. Could this have influenced the plot? Of course, when compared to the 2014 Planet of the Apes, most are unimpressed. But keep in mind that the make up was VRRY revolutionary for its time in sci fi films. The film reflects A LOT of the seventies in style and thought. It does have a very sad but shocking ending--see the film for some good time traveling.

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The Partridge Family Meet the Jetsons, 10 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay! I can understand---your TV show gets canned so what are your options.....that's right! A CARTOON!! But did they have to follow another classic cartoon like The Jetsons? Because of this The Partridge Family 2200 AD looks like a show just trying to cash it in on a previous success.. The original cast members do the voices except Shirley Jones and David Cassidy who must have recognized a bomb when seen. And for some reason (probably a legal one) Shirley Partridge is now Connie Partridge. Well, they try to spice up the cartoon with all the nifty tricks and mechanisms that the Jetsons have but it simply doesn't work due to the bad animation, story writing--even the laugh track is weak! The songs are made to sound a little more futuristic but bad all the same! Because there are few episodes this may be hard to find in stores.... If you are a hard core fan, you may enjoy it--but otherwise it is just EL Stinko!

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