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One Of A Kind, 27 August 2006

This is one of the best bodyboarding video you will ever see and will never get tired of it.This is how a bodyboarding video should be made take note new school videographers.In this video you will see old school guys ripping Mike Stewart,Ben Severson,Seamas Mercado and many more this one video that you must have in you're collection.See how big bodyboarding was in the late 80'S the sport reached to it's highest peak.If you want to learn how to do maneuvers and fine tune you're ridding this is the video you will learn and enjoy this video and meet some of the pros that put this sport on the map.See some of the best waves in Hawaii ,see legends like drop knee pioneer Jack "da Rippa" Lindholm drop some huge waves.If you are old school or new school you will enjoy this video this is something for every one out there that enjoys the ocean.