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Funny from the get go, 19 March 2008

This is one of the better comedies that has ever been on television. Season one was hilarious as were most of the following seasons. The only reason that I give this show a 9/10 is because of the unfortunate final season. The only good part of the final season was the finale. My favorite part of this show was the scenes that cut to people's imaginations, often depicting the characters in famous TV shows or movies from the 70's. It is a rare show in that i liked every character (with the exception of the final season...too late to try to develop a new character and fez wasn't nearly as funny). Red's foot in your ass comments never got old, nor did Kelso's stupidity. Bravo to fox for keeping such a good show so long, too long even.

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Terrible, 28 January 2008

This is one of the worst shows that I have ever seen on television. I didn't know that it was possible to be worse than the Carson daily show, but tom green found a way. He is completely awkward the whole time and clearly isn't cut out to host a talk show. Tom should stick to doing stupid crap to try to make people laugh. I sincerely hope that this show does not last to much longer. I do not see how it could be possible for anyone to be entertained by an hour of boring banter and long pauses. The interviews are the worst that I have seen on any show. There are nothing but C list celebrities with nothing interesting to say.

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As good of a finale as i have seen, 27 July 2007

I think that this was the best finale to any show that i have ever seen. I was disappointed with the angel series finale. I have always been a huge BTVS fan and was very happy to see a final episode with good resolution and action. I thought that the entire seventh season was done masterfully. I also thoroughly enjoyed season 6, although the first 5 seasons were great too. I really enjoyed the development of Andrew's character in season seven, and as a fellow nerd i thought that the trio was the most hilarious group of "villains" ever. Caleb was also a great character. When he knocked out Buffy with one punch on there first meeting I knew i would love his character. Although sometimes he rambled too much. I'm looking forward to future work by Joss.