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Bridesmaids (2011/I)
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What a flop..., 27 February 2012

What just happened here? I just finished watching this movie, and what I feel is beyond disappointment. I am huge comedy fan, I absolutely love SNL cast, so my expectation bar was set pretty high. However, what I got is extremely lame, boring copy of Hangover. Yes, there were couple of moments in the movie when I kind of chuckled (doing #2 on the street, in a wedding dress - if you are guy, you have to), but all of them can fit into one SNL 2 minutes sketch. What I also don't get here is such a high rating this movie has!?! It is misguiding and I seriously doubt that it might be orchestrated to keep the heat up... Unless you have picture of Kristen Wiig in you wallet, you will fall a sleep watching this movie.