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An Egyptologist's daughter's life becomes entwined with in her father's obsession to revive the mummy of an evil queen., 26 June 2007

If you are any kind of Egypt enthusiast, you will love this! The university lecture, the tomb scenes, the obsession with research, the special organ jars (spelling of which "c a n o p i c" is denied by IMDb!) -- it is all well done and fun. Having taught ancient Egyptian history for many years, I find that this movie is filled with great realia and references to the rich mythology of Egypt. I routinely showed it to my 6th grade ancient history class! The plot moves well and there is a great sense of rising action and suspense. The acting is solid, and the music and the filming are well done. I really have no idea why this film has been rated so low by the viewers. Please see yourself and boost the rating on this fine piece of suspenseful work!

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none, 9 September 2006

This is a very educational movie. It is a great story and the friendship and the power of the human spirit. After visiting Cambodia, the S21 prison museum and the Killing Fields outside the capital city, it became more important for me to see this movie. This film is consistent with the stories I heard from so many Cambodians. The images in the film are also consistent with the personal narratives that I read in such the book, the Children of Cambodias's Killing Fields. For example, the total evacuation of the capital is shown. Random assassinations and the general brutality of the Khumer Rouge are brought to light. Life in communal forced work camps that existed throughout the country are also portrayed in the film. The movie reminded me of "The Year of Living Dangerously," especially the evacuation of Westerners Phnom Penh (similar to the evacuation of Saigon) and the desperate attempts of the locals to get out at the last minute. This movie is must see for anyone interested in the modern history of Southeast Asia.

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none, 8 January 2006

I was moved not only by the cultural value and socio-economic perspective of the movie, but also by the themes of compassion, hope, and diligence. As a middle school teacher, I also like how it brings out the idea that meaningful learning (in the classroom and beyond) takes place through real-life commitments, situations and applications.

As a note aside, notice the credits; although this movie is based on a Chinese novel, the director selected actors and actresses from the real world to play their real-life parts—complete with their real names and titles. Thus teacher Gao really is teacher Gao! Mayor Tien really is mayor Tien, and the kids, together with Minzhi Wei, really are village children, who have no acting experience. Thus the movie really is "realistic" in a true and meaningful way. Don't miss this one!