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prisoner of channel island, 24 July 2011

This is a dark movie in the spirit of the works of Lovecraft. It made me think of "Prisoner of Ice" in particular. The acting is convincing, direction is good, the special effects (mostly involving gore), are OK.

It is loaded with clichés though, such as the evil Nazi, the cunning demon and the good allied soldier. One problem is that it lacks secondary characters that we can watch dying. There was just one guy, I think. One of the fun things about watching a horror movie is to bet with your friends about who will die next.

Anyways, I rate it way higher than I honestly would, because its rating is ridiculously low. I mean, OK this is no Dario Argento, but I thought it was a decent movie for its genre. In fact it may be the best movie I watched about Nazis trying to summon demons from hell.

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Great Storytelling, 20 August 2008

The movie takes place right after the Military coup of 12 September 1980. Hence, the original Turkish name, which literally translates as "the September storm".

Right after the coup, the left wing activists were hunted down and tortured, some were even executed. Here, the story is told from the point of view of a little boy, son of two activist parents. Who had to go through various hardships.

Even though the story is politically loaded, it is presented in a quite clean and balanced way. We see the pain people go through, but we are spared the actual horrors of torture.

This is great storytelling from the legendary master of Turkish cinema, Atif Yilmaz. Characters are all very life like, and the little children in the movie do a great job of acting.

This is not a cinematic masterpiece like "Selvi boylum al yazmalim". But it is a daring look into Turkey's past, and a nice example of great character development and storytelling.