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Surf's Up (2007)
High hopes, shattered
8 June 2007
I'm 37 and I took my 4 year old to see this movie. I loved the animation in this movie and the story line was the same regurgitated Hollywood "crap." Speaking of "crap", they used this word and others in this movie as well as your pee pee and poo poo jokes they throw in for the kids. Every time they said something like this I was hoping it was over her head. She liked it and was very entranced. I hated it and hoped I would be put out of my misery soon. Please understand that I've seen every CGI movie that comes along because I am a graphic artist. You'll love the animation, but if you're older than 35 you'll recognize this story as every "sports" movie you've ever seen. Maybe I'm getting picky in my old age, but if you're over 35, I'm sure you are too. So in other words, it's for 7-8 year olds and up to high school. It's a true PG movie for that age group.
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10 July 2006
I loved the first movie, so I had to see the second one. The beginning was a bit slow, but there sure was a lot of action. The sword fighting scenes were exciting and in some cases rather funny as well. The special f/x were outstanding. All of the characters were believable, even the computerized ones. The voodoo lady was hard to understand. I caught every other words she said. I'm sure I'll get all of the humor when I buys this DVD and play her section with the CC on! I didn't quite understand the reason behind the part of the movie with the tribal people other than it gave the movie more action scenes. That whole section could be removed and the movie would still flow well. I loved Commodore Norrington in the first movie. I was disappointed with what they did to him in the second movie. I hope he returns in all his glory for the 3rd Pirates movie.

I saw a few young children in the theater and was horrified to think that those young eyes saw some very scary and gruesome images. Please, don't take your children until you've seen this yourself first.

The movie is a perfect cliffhanger. There are enough questions left for you to want to go back to see Pirates 3.
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