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an obtuse take on racism..., 4 February 2007

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I hated this short... as far as I'm concerned this is in itself; racist, not a commentary on racism ... I know it was supposed to be a humorous interpretation, but one would think they could come up with a more intelligent way of proving their point, rather than just playing up stereotypes and making the characters obtuse and unrealistic. It was offensive.....

Racism is terrible, and I applaud films and filmmakers who address the issue, however, works like this only raise tension and perpetuate the problem, not resolve and disperse the tension around the issue..

There are a couple bright spots in this dismal racially charged comedy. First off there is the actress Nancy Robertson of "Corner Gas" and "The Delicate Art of Parking" fame. The production value was very decent, and it was well cut by editor Mark Lemmon.