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Steve Jobs (2015)
Nice Movie but NO Basis in Reality, 24 September 2016

This might have been the strangest movie that I've ever seen. It was about a Steve Jobs that was a carnival mirror version of the real thing, with incidents and relationships that never happened.

I read all of the books that were published after Jobs' death and almost none of what we see in this movie was chronicled in those books. Steve Woz was his partner early on but played no role in hs life thereafter. Scully was not a father figure but rather a competitor for a short period. His daughter Lisa played a far smaller part in his life then dozen of Apple employees. And Joanne isn't cited once in any of those books. I suspect that if Jobs were alive and could see this movie he would sue everyone involved.

At the same time this movie is very interesting, as many fictions are. Why call it Steve Jobs? Why not just make a movie about someone LIKE Jobs and then take all the liberties that you want? As I said, strange movie.

This Movie Definitely Not for Everybody, 8 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a strange, disturbing, and violent movie, yet it is unique enough from every other strange, disturbing and violent movie to make it worth seeing, if you can tolerate the story.

Two very polite but psychopathic boys terrorize a normal family. They start by disabling the father. In these PC times, one would expect the mother to single-handily rescue the family, but this is far from a PC movie. The family is doomed if the boys are serious about their stated intentions, so we watch not knowing if some, all or none of this family will survive. There is a child as well so you might think certainly he will survive, right? Now I'm playing funny games with you.

What also makes this movie so unique is that, for all the violence, we see absolutely none of it as it happens.

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Movie gets a 10; US gets a 1, 4 September 2016

Everyone has already said everything there is to say about this movie. It's a great war movie, with great acting and scenes. Knowing it is largely true makes it even more appealing. But I am writing to get off my chest something that has bothered me since I first saw this movie.

A US helicopter is down, and our soldiers are under siege by a mob. The ONLY thing that should have mattered to those in charge was to get our guys out of there. In a more normal world, we would have eviscerated 10 square blocks around the crash site so that not even a roach could survive. Then we should have sent in a copter to get our guys out. Instead we let the savages kill our guys and mutilate their bodies. We should either fight to win wars or we should just surrender and let the animals do what they want.

Concussion (2015)
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How did this become a race movie?, 28 July 2016

It's not a bad movie. The topic is important, the acting good. Clearly the NFL knew the danger of multiple concussions and chose not to do anything about them. As a result of the current concussion protocols, the game is safer though less interesting. There are now penalties every other play.

Yes, the doctor who revealing CTE was black though as far as I know he didn't make a big deal out of that. This movie does. We are told several times how many degrees this doctor received. Well there are many MD/Ph.D.s in medicine, many from top US medical schools. The weakest med students are forced to go into pathology in the US because that field pays the least and is the least interesting. Yes there are some black MDs but they are less than 4% of all MDs and less than 2% of all dept. chairmen.

The white doctor in our hero's office is antagonistic for absolutely no reason, a typical white caricature in PC movies these days. It added nothing to the movie. The NFL didn't see this doctor not because he was black but because he was not widely published and respected in his field. They would have ignored a Jew or an Asian with the same credentials.

It is frustrating that Hollywood still finds the need to pander to certain groups, and they did in this movie.

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Hollywood Liberals vs the BAD White Men, 14 April 2016

I liked this movie. Interesting plot, big name stars and an over that top Jack Nicholson. And the famous " You Can't Handle the Truth". A lot to like about this movie and yet there has always been something that just didn't feel right about the casting.

Ever watch a lite beer commercial? Ever wonder why it's always 4 guys, 3 whites and a black? Ever wonder why the 3 whites would always invite a black to watch football with them, and why that black would want to spend his free time with none of his own people? Well that's because someone on Madison Ave has decided that every commercial, regardless of product, must have a token black or the world will come to an end. And now we are seeing that the Garcia's bought a Buick.

Cruise is the Great White Christian Hero that must be at the center of all movies for the movie to sell, but he is a flawed character. So he needs better people around him to get his head on straight. Thus we are given a Jew and a Female co-councils. The victim is, of course, an Hispanic who was given a Code Red by the guy who is the real hero of the movie, a Black Marine. His sidekick is simple- minded so of course he's white. The judge at the trial? He's of course Black.And who are the bad guys? Jack is very white. Keifer is white and Southern - all that was missing was the hood. Markinson is a coward so he's white too. And the opposing lawyer is Bacon, who's also very white.

In the end, the flawed Christian white male wins with the aid of the blacks, Jews and women, defeating all of those bad white men.

Yes, it's a Rob Reiner film. This was 1992. If Rob was making this movie today, they'd have to have a gay co-council as well, or perhaps simply replace the Jew. That's how liberalism works.

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Revenge, 27 March 2016

First, in my opinion this is by far the most honest look at race relations ever shown on film. There is none of the usual media slant towards black grievance - the blacks want their guy to win and we are shown that. We all knew back then that this was about race but not in such detail and to such an extent. The series starts with the Rodney King beating video to set the mood in California on the day that OJ decided to murder two whites including his wife. The LA DA didn't want a repeat of the riots so he decided to hold the trial in downtown LA in order to get blacks on the jury. A racially savvy Johnny Cochran then loaded the jury with blacks, thus assuring at worst a hung jury. Marcia Clark then put a black face on the prosecution team, Chris Darden, in order to counter black with black. Mark Fuhrman and the N word. The jurors fighting over which TV show to watch - a black one vs a white one. The insinuation that white cops set up black OJ by planting the blood evidence. It was then just a question of whether any of the 3 non-blacks would hold out for guilty and none could. The acting and the writing here is brilliant. We all know how this played out yet we can't wait for the next episode to see how they will show it. I put this right up there with the best TV ever.

Worst Movie Ever Made but..., 21 February 2016

OK, it popped up on cable the other night so I watched the last 1/2 hour. I saw the original and thought it was amateurish but original. This makes elementary school film students blanch with embarrassment. Seriously, I felt pain and shame for everyone on the screen. A paycheck is a paycheck, but at what price? It made The Kardashians seem like high culture.

Ironically, the 'star' of this thing, Channing Tatem, is undoubtedly the ugliest man in film today. If you saw a guy like that walking down the street, you'd volunteer to buy a pencil from him. And suddenly we have the token black, the token Hispanic, and the fattest women ever to appear on film. I guess the producers wanted to broaden this movie's appeal.

But there is something more disturbing than this movie. It is the fact that there are reviewers on IMDb that gave this POS 10 stars. They raved that this is their favorite movie. And these people are allowed to drive cars! Yikes!

Grease Live! (2016) (TV)
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A PC GREASE for the Age of Obama, 1 February 2016

Yes I know - everything these days is PC. Every TV show and commercial has the obligatory token black or the woman in a power position. But this is GREASE we are talking about, and for many of us GREASE is an important part of our youth and our history. The story takes place in he 1950s and is about a different time and place. Even though the movie came out at the beginning of PC times in 1978, it knew that it had to be authentic to the time period it was covering.

Now we get this thing that was on live the other night. It was cast like a lite beer commercial. Whites and blacks in the 50s hanging together. A black head coach of a predominately white school? I don't think so. A black girl in a white female gang? Didn't happen. And a smattering of Hispanics and Asians. Might the female running the shop club be a lesbian? In this production, probably.

If you go to the comments section here, you will see that there are dozens of threads about his phony diversity. Many of us just won't have the media F with us. If the blow back is severe enough they will think twice before doing this again.

BTW, might we see some white and Asian slaves in a remake of ROOTS? I bet not. The PC always goes in only one direction.

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If You Love THE KARDASHIANS You Might Love This, 21 November 2015

My way of saying that this is the WORST movie that I've seen in years. No I didn't pay money for it - I saw it tonight on HBO. Johnson is pretty enough though not so pretty that you have to have her. I've now given you the best part of this movie. If you took 9 1/2 WEEKS, dumbed it down, took out all the sexuality and perversion, you'd have this.

I'm not worried about men here. Guys didn't read the book and are only watching this on cable to see the nudity. No, I'm worried about the millions of women who LOVED the book and had to see the movie. If this is what turns you on ladies, you are more F'ed up than I thought. If you came across a guy like this in real life, you'd laugh and/or call the cops. Grey makes Donald Trump look charming.

Look, we are a horrible mess this decade. Obama, no jobs, worrying about money, terrorism, etc. But to lose yourself in this sheet?

Camp X-Ray (2014)
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Only a Sick F would Make such a movie, 25 September 2015

Sorry, but there is NO moral equivalence between our guards at Gitmo and the Islamic terrorists who are housed there. These people were not sheep herders who were randomly picked up and thrown in prison, they were hardened Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders and soldiers. What's worse, the producers and directors KNOW this and still make a movie where the Islamic terrorist is the good guy and the American soldiers are either evil or dumb.

I just don't like Stewart but she plays her part well here. Of course none of the US soldiers at Gitmo are to her taste but a prisoner is. Why? Because he reads books. Well gee, Hitler loved dogs. Given the opportunity, every prisoner held at Gitmo would gladly chop off the heads of Stewart and as many Americans as he can get his hands on. Yet this one particular terrorist reads books and plays soccer so that makes him lovable to our heroine.

The subject matter and Stewart make this movie worth seeing, but hold your nose at the end because it is a stinker.

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