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Cane (2007– )
Great New Show!
25 September 2007
Plot: The story follows a large Cuban-American family who own and run a very successful rum and sugar business in Florida. The patriarch is trying to make sure his business is in good hands as he looks the three men who will carry on his tradition. However, the brothers all have a different approach as to how they should deal with rivalries inside and outside of the family.

What I liked: The cast all gave stellar performances! There weren't any gaps in plot or character development, so it was very easy to get drawn right in to the story.

What I disliked: Nothing!

Why it will/won't make it: This is more of a family drama, so it may draw in viewers who were not normally watching during these hours. This is a very well cast and scripted show, and I don't foresee it being received poorly. The only problem may be that it is on too late for the larger target audience. I hope that CBS doesn't cancel this great show like it did to Jericho (even though they are bringing it back for a short period). This show is really likely to get some awards! This is my surprise hit for 2007 (Ugly Betty was my surprise hit for 2006).

Final review: Watch while it's airing!
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