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Movies I wish more people had seen. In other words, movies whose greatness I think is mostly overlooked. In other words, movies I want to talk about. In other words, movies you should watch.
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The most romantic films of the 1940s, in order of how romantic they are.
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Mellowest, most pleasant, attractive voices in movies. Admittedly slanted towards old movies, just because I'm not a practiced brainstormer when it comes to modern actors.
NOT a list of most the distinctive, iconic, etc... Evaluated according to how long I could listen to them without finding them annoying. I love Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, and James Stewart, but if I had to listen to them, for instance, read an entire audio book I might change my mind.
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The term "screwball comedy" gets applied rather loosely, a lot of movies have screwball elements, but here's my list of the true pillars of the genre, in order of proto-typicality.
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These are the actors who had the best performances in the 1930s. I'm not counting Charlie Chaplin, on account of his being a genre and practically an art form unto himself.